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Stranger Things Vol 1 Collectors Edition Vinyl Update

We could not be more excited about this Stranger Things soundtrack vinyl release. We’re updating the pre-order mock-ups with actual production vinyl photos. As we stated from the beginning mock-ups are for display purposes only.

Every hand pressed record is unique in its own way and we’re thrilled with this version for Volume 1 of the Collectors Edition which we’ve affectionately dubbed the “Demogorgon Swirl”. These photos are a much closer representation of what is actually shipping.

The hues and colors, as well as the patterns will vary from disc to disc, and side to side. It’s really hard to capture the exact look of vinyl as photos are dependent upon lighting and other factors. To help give everyone the best look at the pressing, we photographed two sets.

Honestly we’ve never, ever seen anything this cool or unique and we’ve seen A LOT of vinyl pressings.

The image on the left represents vinyl with a little more pink in the variant with the dark blue and red highlights. Both discs are front lit. The image on the right represents another set from the same pressing (also front lit) which leans more red with a slightly different pattern. The lower images on the right are of the same discs, back lit. Wow!

To see more actual photos keep checking our social media at Lakeshore Records IG and Lakeshore Loves Vinyl IG!

If our social media posts are any indication, everyone seems to be excited as we are for this Collectors Edition release on July 14th.


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Junkie XL Signed Vinyl of Distance Between Dreams On Sale Details

On Sunday morning May 7th at 9am Pacific Standard Time Lakeshore Records will make available to the public a limited number of signed vinyl copies of DISTANCE BETWEEN DREAMS by Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg. 


Because these records have been unpacked we are unable to determine which variant you will be shipped as copies of each variant have been signed. The price for the signed copies are $34.98, first come first serve. Available to customers world wide, buyer pays shipping costs. All sales are final, no returns, refunds or exchanges. 

This is not only one of our very favorite Junkie XL records of all time, it is also one of our very favorite synth-score albums of all time. A stunning and beautiful record that has the marks of a classic in the making featuring lush analog synths and wonderful clean ambient guitar textures that pay homage to surf music. Listen at the Spotify embed below. 


Stranger Things Collectors Edition Vinyl Details Announced : July 14th Street Date



Friday July 14th

Retail Accounts may make Pre-Orders available to consumers starting Monday April 3rd.

All Retail Orders Placed by EOD on Monday July 16th will be filled. No orders will be filled after this date.

Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Vinyl :
– New Album Cover of “Boys on Bikes” Key Art
– New 4/C Disc Sleeves w Liner Notes (Duffer Bros Vol 1 / Composers V2) * not pictured *
– 11×22 Fold Out Poster (“Retro Montage” Vol 1 / “Boys On Bikes” Vol 2)
– Five 4×6 Character Cards (Kids Vol 1 / Adults Vol 2)
– Hand Pressed 180g Multi-Colored Blend Vinyl Discs (See Photos)
– Upgraded Heavy Weight Print Stock
– Only One Retail Version for All Accounts (No Account Specific Variants)
– All photos are for display purposes only, they are not to scale and actual vinyl colors / coloration may differ in appearance.
– $44.98 SRLP EACH VOL

* Initial Orders Due on/before Friday May 5th
* Re-Orders can be placed up and through the end of business on Monday July 16th.
* All Orders Through Monday July 16th will be filled
* No Orders AFTER Monday July 16th will be filled.


Looking for Something ‘Strange’ This Christmas? HUH Magazine Has You Covered!


Stranger Things (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

HUH Magazine have selected Stranger Things as one of their gift guide items, this holiday season.

The soundtrack, which was recently named as one of the top 50 albums of 2016 by both Rolling Stone & Consequence Of Sound has been a worldwide phenomenon, winning over music fans across the world.  With its unforgettable melodies and pounding synths, it’s easy to understand why HUH have chosen Stranger Things as a part of their selection.

Take a trip to the ‘Upside Down’ this Christmas!

Download The Album Now On [ITUNES] / Stream On [SPOTIFY]

Stranger Things Vol 1
Kyle Dixon And Michael Stein

01 Stranger Things
02 Kids
03 Nancy and Barb
04 This Isn’t You
05 Lay-Z-Boy
06 Friendship
07 Eleven
08 A Kiss
09 Castle Beyers
10 Hawkins
11 The Upside Down
12 After Sarah
13 One Blink For Yes
14 Photos in the Woods
15 Fresh Blood
16 Lamps
17 Hallucinations
18 Hanging Lights
19 Biking to School
20 Are You Sure?
21 Agents
22 Papa
23 Cops Are Good at Finding
24 No Weapons
25 Walking Through the Nether
26 She’ll Kill You
27 Run Away
28 No Autopsy
29 Dispatch
30 Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
31 Lights Out
32 Hazmat Suits
33 Theoretically
34 You Can Talk to Me
35 What Else Is There to Do?
36 Hawkins Lab

Additional Information:


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Stranger Things Only Soundtrack Named in Rolling Stone Top 50 Albums of 2016!


Seventy-four brief cues and atmospheres sprawled across four vinyl discs made this the feel-good avant-garde event of the year. – Rolling Stone

The two-volume Stranger Things soundtrack featuring the synth score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E makes the 50 Best Albums Of 2016 list by Rolling Stone!  Both volumes of the soundtrack are out now on Lakeshore Records (get Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on iTunes).  

Stranger Things, Volume 1 & 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) is the only soundtrack (or score) album named on the distinguished Best Of list, which includes albums by Gold and Platinum artists such Beyonce, David Bowie, Metallica and more!  See the full list at Rolling Stone.  Congrats to Kyle and Michael, the Duffer Brothers and Netflix!

Get your copy of the Stranger Things soundtrack on vinyl from your local indie record store, see our Vinyl Page here, or order through Invada Records for UK and rest of the world!



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