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Throwback Thursday: Listen To The Classic Horror Score, ‘Drag Me To Hell’ By Christopher Young!


Download ‘Drag Me To Hell’ Here: [iTunes]

An October Throwback Thursday wouldn’t be complete without a Christopher Young score, namely the score to the Sam Raimi horror classic, Drag Me To Hell!  Directed by Sam Raimi, this film stars Alison Lohman (featured in the album art), Lorna Raver, Justin Long, David Paymer, and many more.  This is one of those films we would dare you NOT to look away.  Stream the album on Spotify at the jump!

Universal Pictures and Ghost House Pictures present DRAG ME TO HELL, available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here)  and on HD Digital (download on iTunes).

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Throwback Thursday: Tyler Bates On His ‘Doomsday’ Score

Doomsday Soundtrack
In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we revisit Tyler Bates’ score to Doomsday, starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins and Alexander Siddiq. Fans of this post-apocalyptic action flick will recall badass driving stunts and cannibals, and the thrilling score which accompanies all the mayhem.

Tyler recently collaborated with director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, A Good Day To Die Hard) as Executive Music Producer on I.T., which features score by Timothy Wiliams — out September 23 on Lakeshore Records.

Listen now as Tyler talks about his experience scoring to Doomsday:


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Throwback Thursday: ‘Blue Valentine’ Soundtrack Feat. Grizzly Bear And Penny And The Quarters


Get The ‘Blue Valentine Soundtrack Here: [iTunes][Buy Vinyl]

In this latest edition of Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the Blue Valentine soundtrack featuring rare music by Grizzly Bear and classic tracks by various artists!  The album can be called the ultimate couples’ mixtape, with the popular track, “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters you may find yourself playing on repeat.  Watch our Blue Valentine playlist below!

Directed by Derek Cianfrance, Blue Valentine was named in Rolling Stone’s Millennials’ Most Earth-Shaking Sexual Moments list!  His latest film is The Light Between Oceans, featuring a gorgeous cinematic score by Academy Award winner Alexandre Desplat.  The soundtrack is coming soon on Lakeshore Records!

Watch our Blue Valentine Playlist:

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Throwback Thursday: Carter Burwell’s ‘The Fifth Estate’ Score + Tame Impala Bonus Track, Benedict Cumberbatch Stars As Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange In BAFTA Winning Film

The Fifth Estate Is Out Now On Lakeshore Records! Download Here: [iTunes]


In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we revisit the score for The Fifth Estate, featuring an amazing cast: Benedict Cumberbatch (Zoolander 2, Black Mass), Daniel Brühl (Burnt, Eva), David Thewlis (Anomalisa, Regression), Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Ex Machina) and more.  The album features score by Academy Award® nominee Carter Burwell (Anomalisa, Carol) and a bonus track by Grammy®-nominated Australian group, Tame Impala!  Preview the score and film trailer below.

Anonymous Content presents THE FIFTH ESTATE, available now on Digital (download it on iTunes) and on XFinity On Demand (login here).


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Throwback Thursday: ‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ Is A Shailene Woodley Coming Of Age Film With A Dreamy ’80s Soundtrack!

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - White Bird In A Blizzard

Download The ‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ Score: [iTunes]

By now, devoted cinephiles likely know what to expect going into a Gregg Araki movie: sex-crazed teens, an overabundance of nudity (sometimes pretty, sometimes not), a dream-like story wrapped snugly in a nightmare and a killer soundtrack… Joy Division, The Cure, and all of your favorite synth-pop bands are prominently featured, their instantly recognizable sounds oozing throughout the film. – Under The Radar


Lakeshore Records released the dreamy score to White Bird In A Blizzard, composed by Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and avant-guard composer, Harold Budd, who has collaborated with the likes of acclaimed record producer Brian Eno.  Combined with the various artists soundtrack (get it here), this viewing experience is a time machine you shouldn’t miss!  View our playlist below for more!

Director Gregg Araki’s indie drama, White Bird In A Blizzard stars Shailene Woodley (The Spectacular Now, Divergent Series films), Thomas Jane (Syfy’s “Expanse”), Eva Green (Casino Royale, Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”) and Christopher Meloni (Man of Steel, NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU”).

White Bird In A Blizzard now on Netflix or on Digital (rent it on iTunes).

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