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Nacho Libre Soundtrack On Custom Vinyl: An Illustrated Tour Of Five Concept Sketches By Artist Sachin Teng

Are you excited about the new Nacho Libre soundtrack coming soon on custom vinyl?  It is available now on pre-order!  To whet your appetite for some Nacho Libre goodness, our artist Sachin Teng provided a fun tour of concept sketches for the album cover.   “I tried to go in as many different directions as possible…”

Nacho Libre stars Jack Black, who also stars in the upcoming The D Train (read our post about The D Train soundtrack).


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Nacho Libre Soundtrack: See Four Custom Vinyl Album Art Reveals!

Previously, we announced that Nacho Libre (Music From The Motion Picture) was coming soon on vinyl, featuring the cover design by artist Sachin Teng.  The exciting new release by Lakeshore Records is a vinyl collector’s dream, and we have more details!

Nacho Libre Vinyl Coming Soon!


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Nacho Libre: New Soundtrack Vinyl With Custom Art Coming Soon!

Lakeshore Records To Issue Vinyl Edition Of Soundtrack To Nacho Libre: The Comedy Directed By Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jared Hess


The vinyl edition of Nacho Libre (Music From The Motion Picture) is coming soon from Lakeshore Records!  The soundtrack features music by Composer Danny Elfman, Beck, Jack Black, Los Lobos and more!  The album features a full color, two-sided insert with custom cover illustration by artist Sachin Teng and interior illustration by John Bergin.  The record is a swirled blue vinyl — a new get for soundtrack collectors everywhere!  More album details are forthcoming.  Be sure to subscribe to Film Music Daily to get the scoop!


Nacho Libre (Original Motion Picture Soundrack) Vinyl

Preview over a minute of song per track here:


Side 1:
01. Hombre Religioso (Religious Man) – Mr. Loco
02. A Nice Pile-Drive To The Face (Dialog) – Nacho
03. Move, Move, Move – Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
04. Papas – Mr. Loco
05. Singing At The Party – Jack Black with Ismael Garcia Ruiz Y Su Trio

Side 2:
06. Ramses Suite – Danny Elfman
07. All The Orphans In The World (Dialog) – Nacho & Esqueleto
08. There Is No Place In This World For Me – Beck
09. I’m Serious (Dialog) – Nacho
10. 10,000 Pesos – Beck
11. Irene – Caetano Veleso

Side 3:
12. Pump A Jam (Ramses) – Cholotronic
13. Black Is Black – Eddie Santiago
14. Half Forgotten Daydreams – John Cameron

Side 4:
15. Encarnación – Jack Black
16. Tender Beasts Of The Spangled Night – Beck
17. Saint Behind The Glass – Los Lobos
18. Beneath The Clothes We Find The Man… (Dialog) – Nacho
19. Forbidden Nectar – Jack Black & Mucho Macho Acapulco

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See Danny Elfman’s Music From The Films of Tim Burton Holiday Concert In Los Angeles

Academy Award-nominated composer Danny Elfman, who scored Wanted and Nacho Libreboth Lakeshore Records releases–is best known for his scores to 16 Tim Burton films.   This year, his concert, “Danny Elfman’s Music From The Films Of Tim Burton” returns on October 31 to November 1 at the Nokia Theater L.A. Live, and November 2 at the Honda Center of Anaheim (get tickets at AXS.com, Ticketmaster.com & Ticketmaster outlets).  Also now open: “The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D” movie experience: now through November 2 at the El Capitan Theater (tickets at ElCapitanTickets.com or 1-800-Disney6).

Danny Elfman's Music From The Films of Tim Burton At The Nokia Theater


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13 Songs For Alternative Superheroes

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens this weekend.  The film from Marvel Comics stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, who, as his name implies, is one of the world’s Most Finest Superheroes fighting evil and corruption.  Not all heroes are super.  Bad supers aren’t trying to save the world. They’re just trying to make their little corner of it better.  Sometimes, as we learn in the film Superbad, the greatest hero you’ll ever know is already standing right beside you; your best friend. Boop.

Lakeshore Records: Bad Supers - 13 Songs

In Super, Rainn Wilson stars as Crimson Bolt, a delusional man on mission to save his wife from an evil drug dealer. In My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Uma Thurman plays G-Girl, a heroine-scorned who strays so far from justice that she nearly becomes a super-villain. In Crank, Jason Statham plays the unstoppable Chev Chelios, a true anti-hero who wades through the criminal underworld powered by nothing but epinephrine and a desire to hear his girlfriend pick up the goddamn phone.  Here’s a playlist to celebrate those who stumble, trip, and fall into greatness – heroes who lose their way or have strange ideas about what constitutes a good deed.

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01. Beneath The Clothes We Find The Man… by Jack Black in NACHO LIBRE
02. Calling All Destroyers by Tsar SUPER
03. No Sleep 2Nite by Molly McQueen MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND
04. Bring Us Bullets by Rocket from the Crypt CRANK
05. Defendor Interrupts Dooney & Kat by John Rowley DEFENDOR
06. Goldslick / Seth Fantasy by Lyle Workman SUPERBAD
07. Move, Move, Move by Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker NACHO LIBRE
08. The Joker by Fatboy Slim feat. Bootsy Collins MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND
09. I Do by Lo-Def Dollz SUPER
10. Here I Come (feat. Malik B. & Dice Raw) by Dice Raw & The Roots SUPERBAD
11. Adrenalina by David Rolas feat 10 West & Jimi Varrz CRANK
12. Guns Are For Cowards by John Rowley DEFENDOR
13. Tender Beasts of the Spangled Night by Beck NACHO LIBRE

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