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Critics’ Choice Awards: Vote For ‘Bates Motel’, ‘Mr. Robot’ and ‘Stranger Things’ – Most Bingeworthy Awards Nominees!


In its third year, the Critics’ Choice Awards has invited fans to vote for their Most Bingeworthy show, and this year, Bates Motel (A&E), Mr. Robot (USA Network) and Stranger Things (Netflix) are nominated!  Voting begins Thursday, November 17, and ends at 9:30 p.m. ET on the night of the 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards live broadast on December 11.  More details at A&E online.

Emmy®-nominated Bates Motel score by Chris Bacon, Emmy®-winning Mr. Robot score by Mac Quayle, and the Billboard #1-charting Stranger Things album, score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, are out now on Lakeshore Records!  

Watch the album previews below:

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Meet ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Tonight At Barnes & Noble LA!


Meet Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail and writer Courtney Looney 7 p.m. tonight at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles!  They will be doing a book signing and Q&A for “Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow.”  And for soundtrack information, see below!

Mr. Robot Volume 1 & Volume 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) are out now on Lakeshore Records!

Get them here: [Digital V1][Digital V2][CD][Vinyl]

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‘Mr Robot’ Season 1 Vinyl: Available Now On 2 Volumes From Lakeshore And Invada

Mr Robot Season 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

The Emmy Award winning television score (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition – Series – Original Dramatic Score) for future cult classic Mr Robot composed by Mac Quaye is now available on 2 volumes of gorgeous vinyl through Lakeshore Records and our partners Invada.

Quayle’s score has echo’s of Vangelis’ Blade Runner and mid 80s Tangerine Dream mixed in with contemporary artists like Cliff Martinez and Clint Mansell. The influences may all be there on the surface but dig a little deeper and Quayle is taking you on a musical decent into madness or euphoria, you decide!

Download The Album Now At [ITUNES] [VOL 1] [VOL 2]
Stream On [SPOTIFY] [VOL 1] [VOL 2]

Vinyl Details:
List Price : $32.00 // £24.99
Number of Discs: Two (Per Volume)
2 x White Vinyl LP discs
Housed in Full Colour Deluxe Gatefold sleeve
Double Sided Printed Insert
11″ x 22″ Poster (VOL 1) Spray Paint Stencil (VOL 2)
Download Card

Mr Robot Volume 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Mac Quayle

01. 1. 0_1-Hellofriend. Wav (01:16)
02. 1. 0_2-Oneincontrol. Aiff (04:40)
03. 1. 0_3-Fucksociety. Mp3 (02:13)
04. 1. 0_4-M0Rphine. Aac (01:56)
05. 1. 0_5-Pierrerloti. Au (02:59)
06. 1. 0_6-Leavem3Here. Flac (01:20)
07. 1. 0_7-Waitfortheq. Ogg (02:23)
08. 1.0_8-Whatsyourask.M4P (01:38)
09. 1. 0_9-Flipper. Bwf (03:39)
10. 1. 1_1-One6Away. Caf (01:41)
11. 1. 1_2-Wearefsociety. Sd2 (01:32)
12. 1. 1_3-Oneor0. Wma (03:08)
13. 1. 1_4-Hateurself. Ra (03:24)
14. 1. 1_5-Illusionofchoice. Mp3 (04:03)
15. 1. 1_6-Believe-In-Erasing. Au (01:34)
16. 1. 2_1-Iwillbecto.M4P (03:12)
17. 1. 2_2-Humanpunchingbag. Aiff (02:49)
18. 1. 2_3-Therealshayla. Wav (02:32)
19. 1. 3_1-Ichosethis. Ogg (01:43)
20. 1. 3_2-Everyrev0Lution. Ra (02:26)
21. 1. 3_3-Betterthanm0Rphine. Aac (03:21)
22. 1. 3_4-Allsafevirus. Bwf (01:55)
23. 1. 3_5-Da3M0Nsneverstop. Caf (02:11)
24. 1. 4_1-Squ4Rewiththeuniverse. Wma (02:57)
25. 1. 4_2-Impenetrable. Sd2 (02:23)
26. 1. 4_3-Billharper. Mp3 (03:53)
27. 1. 4_4-Exploitingtyrell. Wav (02:06)
28. 1. 4_5-Revenge1Syourweakn3Ss. Ra (01:40)
29. 1. 4_6-N0Execution. Au (02:24)

Mr Robot Volume 2 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Mac Quayle

01. 1. 5_1-Askingthe1Mpossible.M4P (03:18)
02. 1. 5_2-Hackthepolice. Mp3 (03:35)
03. 1. 5_3-Trustyourself. Bwf (03:34)
04. 1. 5_4-Issacsbestmove. Bwf (04:15)
05. 1. 5_5-Mybestmove. Ra (05:04)
06. 1. 5_6-Veraliber4Ted. Aiff (04:10)
07. 1. 6_1-V1Ew-S0Urce. Ogg (02:43)
08. 1. 6_2-A-Way-Out. Wav (03:13)
09. 1. 7_1-Consumatesurvivor. Caf (02:08)
10. 1. 7_2-Darlenesgun. Aac (02:29)
11. 1. 7_3-In0Urgrasps. Ogg (01:49)
12. 1. 7_4-Wh1Ter0Se. Flac (05:10)
13. 1. 7_5-Mrrobot & Tyrell. Wma (02:08)
14. 1. 8_1-Imcrazy. Aiff (05:15)
15. 1. 8_2-Mostdangerouscar.M4P (02:46)
16. 1. 8_3-Ch4Ngefromwith1N. Au (04:13)
17. 1. 8_4-Oneconstant. Caf (03:31)
18. 1. 2_3-Therealshayla. Wav1. 9_1-Waltznumber2. Bwf (03:33)
19. 1. 9_2-Wearefinallyaw4Ke. Ra (01:41)
20. 1. 9_3-Johannaphishes. Wav (02:44)
21. 1. 9_4-Forcerobotshand. Sd2 (01:51)
22. 1. 9_5-Urmygod. Ogg (01:48)
23. 1. 9_6-Nothingisreal. Ra (02:48)

Additional Information:




Academy Award® Nominee Carter Burwell And Emmy Award® Nominee Mac Quayle Among 2016 World Soundtrack Awards Nominees!


The prestigious annual World Soundtrack Awards is around the corner, and there’s no time like the present to cast your vote on Film Composer of the Year! The World Soundtrack Awards just announced this year’s nominees for Best Film Composer, Best TV Composer and Best Original Song!  See below for the list.

Go to World Soundtrack Awards online here to vote in the WSA Public Choice Award for your favorite Lakeshore Records soundtracks!

Carter Burwell (Anomalisa, Hail Caesar!, Legend, The Family Fang, The Finest Hours) – Best Film Composer

Carter Burwell & Charlie Kaufman, Performed by Tom Noonan: “None Of Them Are You” from Anomalisa – Best Original Song written directly for a Film

Mac Quayle (The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story, American Horror Story, Mr. Robot) – Best TV Composer

The winners will be announced at the World Soundtrack Awards & concert on Wednesday, October 19, the closing night of the Ghent International Film Festival.  See the full list at Film Music Reporter!

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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Mr. Robot’ Right Now: Season 2 Premiere + Mac Quayle’s Score Out Now


Order The ‘Mr. Robot’ Soundtrack Here: [CD Vol. 1][CD Vol. 2][Vinyl Vol. 1][Vinyl Vol. 2]


TV critics and fans alike have joined the revolution that is Mr. Robot, the Peabody- and Golden Globe Award-winning television series, which returns Wednesday, July 13! The two-hour Season 2 premiere will air on USA Network, so tune in!  In case you need to get some story hints (with some spoilers), Wall Street Journal has the details in a juicy Sam Esmail interview here.

Lakeshore Records‘ release of Mac Quayle’s score is out now on iTunes (get Vol. 1 here, Vol. 2 here)!

Stream all episodes of MR. ROBOT Season 1 on Amazon Prime here (30-day free trial) or rent it on iTunes here.

USA Network’s hit television series MR. ROBOT returns with Season 2 on July 13 at 10/9c (check local listings).




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