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Exploring Brian Reitzell’s Delicious Hannibal Collection


Hannibal (Original Television Soundtrack)
Brian Reitzell

There is, and has been, a lot said about Brian Reitzell‘s score for Bryan Fuller‘s take on Thomas Harris‘ enigmatic Dr Hannibal Lecter.

Whilst I’m sure many of you are already more than familiar with the TV shows title character through one of his previous incarnations, I believe that this has been the first time, musically, that the character has really been brought to life. This is not to say that any of the previous musical accompaniments have been wrong or disingenuous, I’m just stating, from my own point of view, that Reitzell’s decadent, dark ambient, orchestral, confrontational and yet highly listenable score, really evokes the character of Lecter, in my humble opinion.

From the very beginning of Volume One, you know that you’re listening and experiencing something unlike anything you have probably ever heard before. To say this was a daring and visionary move would be an understatement: the music like the character of Dr Hannibal Lecter himself is intrinsically complex, thoughtful, daring and also something to be fearful of. Please don’t let my last statement put you off, I am merely saying the score for Hannibal covers almost every gamut of musical emotion and will only leave you wanting more!

Throughout the duration of the shows three season run, the music featured grew and adapted as did each of the main characters. One of my favourite tracks is season three’s ‘The Great Red Dragon’ a three part piece which includes the vocal track ‘Allelujah’ sung by Micha Luna. Season Three also includes the two standouts ‘Snake Charmer’ with vocals by Marc Almond and the Season Three finale ‘Love Crime’ featuring Siouxsie Sioux, one of the most emotionally gripping finales I’ve ever witnessed.

The scores for Hannibal are all available now on CD and Digital with the Vinyl being handled by our wonderful partners Invada Records. Each of the three seasons is split over two double LPs housed in a gatefold sleeve, featuring images from the show + liner notes. The vinyl also comes in two variations, either black or colored vinyl, depending on your taste, they also all come with a digital download card so you can take Hannibal everywhere you go.

If I’ve whetted your appetite for a musical palate cleanse I would highly recommend stating from Volume One and working your way forward. In saying that, each season is a true delight and a collection of music I shall be listening to for many years to come.


Download The Albums Here on [ITUNES] [S1V1] [S1V2] [S2V1] [S2V2] [S3V1] [S3V3] Stream A Sample on [SPOTIFY] [S1V1] [S1V2] [S2V1] [S2V2

Vinyl Details:
Season One Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$25.00 (color) $23.00 (black) / £22.99 (color) £21.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Vinyl Details:
Season Two Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$25.00 (color) $23.00 (black) / £22.99 (color) £21.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Vinyl Details:
Season Three Vol 1 [USA] [UK] Vol 2 [USA] [UK]
$29.00 (color) $28.00 (black) / £24.99 (color) £22.99 (black)
Each double LP will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with Hannibal Executive Producer David Slade providing rare photography from his personal collection.
Each LP will come with a download card.

Hannibal (Original Television Soundtrack)
Brian Reitzell

Season One Volume 1
1. Aperitif
2. Amuse-Bouche
3. Potage
4. Oeuf
5. Coquilles
6. Entree
7. Sorbet

Season One Volume 2
1. Fromage
2. Trou Normand
3. Buffet Froid
4. Roti
5. Releves
6. Savoreux

Season Two Volume 1
1. Kaiseki
2. Sakizuke
3. Hassun
4. Takiawase
5. Mukozuke
6. Futamono
7. Yakimono

Season Two Volume 2
1. Su-Zakana
2. Shiizakana
3. Naka-Choko
4. Ko No Mono
5. Tome-Wan
6. Mizumono
7. Bloodfest (From Mizumono)

Season Three Volume 1
1. Bach Goldberg Variation Aria Pt 1
2. Antipasto
3. Primavera Pt 1
4. Primavera Pt 2
5. Primavera Pt 3
6. Secondo Pt 1
7. Secondo Pt 2
8. Secondo Pt 3
9. Snake Charmer (feat Marc Almond) from Aperitivo
10. Contorno
11. Dolce Pt 1
12. Dolce Pt 2
13. Digestivo Pt 1
14. Digestivo Pt 1
15. The Great Red Dragon Pt 1
16. Allelujah (Mozart) from The Great Red Dragon
17. The Great Red Dragon Pt 2

Season Three Volume 2
1. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 1
2. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 2
3. And the Woman Clothed with the Sun… Pt 3
4. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 1
5. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 2
6. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 3
7. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 4
8. …And the Beast from the Sea
9. The Number of the Beast is 666…
10. And the Woman Clothed in Sun Pt 4
11. The Wrath of the Lamb Pt 1
12. Bach Goldberg Aria Pt 2 / The Wrath of the Lamb Pt 2
13. Love Crime Film Version (feat Siouxsie Sioux) from The Wrath of the Lamb

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Stranger Things Vol 2 Vinyl Variants & Where To Find Them!


Stranger Things Volume 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
‘The Upside Down’ Clear Black W/Salt & Pepper [Turntable Lab
‘VHS Black’ [Turntable Lab
‘Waffle Swirl’ Yellow w/Black Swirl [Light In The Attic]
‘Hawkins Forrest’ Clear Green /Black Swirl [Books A Million

Explore the other side of the ‘Upside Down‘ with Volume 2 of Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things, available now on four different vinyl variants!

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein‘s second volume of the Stranger Things score digs a little deeper into the darker side Hawkins, Indiana, whilst also working as the missing piece of the Stranger Things soundtrack puzzle. Listening to either volume makes for a wonderful time, listening to both volumes together is just out of this world!

Volume Two is currently available to buy on four vinyl variants: ‘Upside Down Clear/W Salt & Pepper’, ‘VHS Black’, ‘Waffle Yellow/W Black Swirl’ & ‘Hawkins Forrest Clear Green /W Black Swirl’

Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream The Album At [SPOTIFY]

Vinyl Details:
The Upside Down
2 x  Ultra Clear Black Salt and Pepper Coloured Vinyl LPs
Printed insert

Vinyl Details:
VHS Black
2 x Black Vinyl LPs
Printed insert

Vinyl Details:
Waffle Swirl
2 x Yellow w/Black Swirl Colored Vinyl LPs
Printed insert

Vinyl Details:
Hawkins Forrest
2 x Clear Green vinyl with Black Swirl Vinyl LPs
Printed insert

Stranger Things Volume 2 (A Netflix Original Series)
Kyle Dixon And Michael Stein

1.Hopper Sneaks In
2.I Know What I Saw
3.Rolling Out The Pool
5.Gearing Up
7.First Kiss
9.Walking Down The Tracks
10.Where’s Barb?
11.Speak Of The Devil
12.Danger Danger
15.Kids Two
16.Talking To Australia
17.Night Of The Seventh
18.See Any Rain?
19.Coffee & Contemplation
20.Inside The Black Room
21.Starts To Rain
22.Eleven Is Gone
23.Time For A 187
24.Something In The House
25.Still Pretty
28.They Found Us
29.Bad Men
30.Spiked Bat
31.Making Contact
32.What Do You Know
33.It’s Not My Boy
34.Something In The Wall
35.Let’s Go
36.Leap Of Faith
37.In Pursuit
38.Breaking And Entering
39.Stranger Things (Extended)

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‘Mr Robot’ Season 1 Vinyl: Available Now On 2 Volumes From Lakeshore And Invada

Mr Robot Season 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

The Emmy Award winning television score (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition – Series – Original Dramatic Score) for future cult classic Mr Robot composed by Mac Quaye is now available on 2 volumes of gorgeous vinyl through Lakeshore Records and our partners Invada.

Quayle’s score has echo’s of Vangelis’ Blade Runner and mid 80s Tangerine Dream mixed in with contemporary artists like Cliff Martinez and Clint Mansell. The influences may all be there on the surface but dig a little deeper and Quayle is taking you on a musical decent into madness or euphoria, you decide!

Download The Album Now At [ITUNES] [VOL 1] [VOL 2]
Stream On [SPOTIFY] [VOL 1] [VOL 2]

Vinyl Details:
List Price : $32.00 // £24.99
Number of Discs: Two (Per Volume)
2 x White Vinyl LP discs
Housed in Full Colour Deluxe Gatefold sleeve
Double Sided Printed Insert
11″ x 22″ Poster (VOL 1) Spray Paint Stencil (VOL 2)
Download Card

Mr Robot Volume 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Mac Quayle

01. 1. 0_1-Hellofriend. Wav (01:16)
02. 1. 0_2-Oneincontrol. Aiff (04:40)
03. 1. 0_3-Fucksociety. Mp3 (02:13)
04. 1. 0_4-M0Rphine. Aac (01:56)
05. 1. 0_5-Pierrerloti. Au (02:59)
06. 1. 0_6-Leavem3Here. Flac (01:20)
07. 1. 0_7-Waitfortheq. Ogg (02:23)
08. 1.0_8-Whatsyourask.M4P (01:38)
09. 1. 0_9-Flipper. Bwf (03:39)
10. 1. 1_1-One6Away. Caf (01:41)
11. 1. 1_2-Wearefsociety. Sd2 (01:32)
12. 1. 1_3-Oneor0. Wma (03:08)
13. 1. 1_4-Hateurself. Ra (03:24)
14. 1. 1_5-Illusionofchoice. Mp3 (04:03)
15. 1. 1_6-Believe-In-Erasing. Au (01:34)
16. 1. 2_1-Iwillbecto.M4P (03:12)
17. 1. 2_2-Humanpunchingbag. Aiff (02:49)
18. 1. 2_3-Therealshayla. Wav (02:32)
19. 1. 3_1-Ichosethis. Ogg (01:43)
20. 1. 3_2-Everyrev0Lution. Ra (02:26)
21. 1. 3_3-Betterthanm0Rphine. Aac (03:21)
22. 1. 3_4-Allsafevirus. Bwf (01:55)
23. 1. 3_5-Da3M0Nsneverstop. Caf (02:11)
24. 1. 4_1-Squ4Rewiththeuniverse. Wma (02:57)
25. 1. 4_2-Impenetrable. Sd2 (02:23)
26. 1. 4_3-Billharper. Mp3 (03:53)
27. 1. 4_4-Exploitingtyrell. Wav (02:06)
28. 1. 4_5-Revenge1Syourweakn3Ss. Ra (01:40)
29. 1. 4_6-N0Execution. Au (02:24)

Mr Robot Volume 2 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Mac Quayle

01. 1. 5_1-Askingthe1Mpossible.M4P (03:18)
02. 1. 5_2-Hackthepolice. Mp3 (03:35)
03. 1. 5_3-Trustyourself. Bwf (03:34)
04. 1. 5_4-Issacsbestmove. Bwf (04:15)
05. 1. 5_5-Mybestmove. Ra (05:04)
06. 1. 5_6-Veraliber4Ted. Aiff (04:10)
07. 1. 6_1-V1Ew-S0Urce. Ogg (02:43)
08. 1. 6_2-A-Way-Out. Wav (03:13)
09. 1. 7_1-Consumatesurvivor. Caf (02:08)
10. 1. 7_2-Darlenesgun. Aac (02:29)
11. 1. 7_3-In0Urgrasps. Ogg (01:49)
12. 1. 7_4-Wh1Ter0Se. Flac (05:10)
13. 1. 7_5-Mrrobot & Tyrell. Wma (02:08)
14. 1. 8_1-Imcrazy. Aiff (05:15)
15. 1. 8_2-Mostdangerouscar.M4P (02:46)
16. 1. 8_3-Ch4Ngefromwith1N. Au (04:13)
17. 1. 8_4-Oneconstant. Caf (03:31)
18. 1. 2_3-Therealshayla. Wav1. 9_1-Waltznumber2. Bwf (03:33)
19. 1. 9_2-Wearefinallyaw4Ke. Ra (01:41)
20. 1. 9_3-Johannaphishes. Wav (02:44)
21. 1. 9_4-Forcerobotshand. Sd2 (01:51)
22. 1. 9_5-Urmygod. Ogg (01:48)
23. 1. 9_6-Nothingisreal. Ra (02:48)

Additional Information:




‘Drive’ Special Anniversary Edition Vinyl: Available Now From Lakeshore Records & Invada


Drive Special Anniversary Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Cliff Martinez‘s iconic soundtrack to the cult classic film ‘Drive‘ by Nicolas Winding Refn is turning 5, and to mark the anniversary, Lakeshore Records & Invada Records will be co-releasing a limited edition version of the soundtrack.
The soundtrack features Martinez’s score and all other music used in the film, including the legendary tracks by College, Kavinsky and Desire.

This release will feature brand new liner notes written by the film’s director Nicolas Winding Refn, and also by the score’s composer Cliff Martinez. Pictured above, this edition is also presented with stunning new artwork by Lakeshore art director John Bergin.

This limited edition release will only be available from September 30th until December 31st. From January 1st 2017, this edition will be discontinued, after which time the original version will be available.

Cliff Martinez has made a name for himself as one of the soundtrack world’s most innovative composers, having worked on many other classics such as Solaris, Farcry 4, The Neon Demon and Lincoln Lawyer.

Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream At [SPOTIFY]

Vinyl Details:
£24.99 / $31.00 (Approx)
2 x Neon Pink LPs
Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve
All New Artwork
Liner Notes by Nicolas Winding Refn & Cliff Martinez

Drive Special Anniversary Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cliff Martinez // Various

01. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
02. Desire – Under Your Spell
03. College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero
04. Riz Ortolani feat. Katyana Ranieri – Oh My Love
05. Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock
All Remaining Tracks By Cliff Martinez 
06. Rubber Head
07. I Drive
08. He Had A Good Time
09. They Broke His Pelvis
10. Kick Your Teeth
11. Where’s The Deluxe Version?
12. See You In Four
13. After The Chase
14. Hammer
15. Wrong Floor
16. Skull Crushing
17. My Name On A Car
18. On The Beach
19. Bride Of Deluxe

Additional Information:

Lakeshore, Really Loves Vinyl! Six New Vinyl Titles Heading Your Way Soon!










When we say Lakeshore Loves Vinyl, we really, really mean it!

In the 2 weeks since Mondo-Con, Lakeshore Records and our partners InvadaDeath WaltzIAm8Bit & Music On Vinyl have six brand new titles all coming your way towards the end of 2016 into early 2017!

Covering a wide range of genres in this latest group of releases, there really is something for every vinyl soundtrack enthusiasts needs.

From the utterly terrifying (Don’t Breathe and Blair Witch) to the insanely good (Bates Motel) and that’s before we get to the award calibre fare of (Moonlight and A Light Between Oceans), and if that wasn’t enough, we also have the classic soundtrack for Vampire Vs Werewolves blockbuster (Underworld) dropping this Record Store Day: Black Friday!

Can you think of any other label with such an incredible and dynamic output?

TG from Lakeshore Loves Vinyl has put together a Spotify playlist featuring tracks from the six new releases mentioned above, why not take a sample of what’s coming up at Lakeshore Records.