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Congrats To The ‘Legion’ Soundtrack Signed Vinyl Winners!

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Lakeshore Records held a giveaway for newsletter subscribers featuring the much-coveted Legion soundtrack LP, signed by Jeff Russo!  These were signed just for film music fans by Jeff and exclusive to our subscribers.

If you still want your own copy of the exquisite score to the hit FX Networks series, order yours (unsigned) at the Lakeshore web shop.


Congrats again to our subscribers and stick around for more goodies coming your way!

Nick P., The Woodlands, TX
Kristopher P., Murfreesboro, TN
Alex R., Phoenix, AZ
Patrick N., Birmingham AL
Will S., Tucson, AZ
Dominik D., Bensalem, PA
Trung P., Houston, TX
Logan G., Maplewood, MN
William H., Anderson IN
Josh K., Cincinnati, OH


LEGION is produced by FX Productions and Marvel Television. Download Legion Season 1 now on iTunes.


‘Black Mirror’, FX’s ‘Legion’ and ‘The Expanse’ Make IndieWire’s 20 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Of The 21st Century!

Lakeshore Records is honored to be associated with three hit series named on IndieWire’s 20 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Of The 21st Century list, with Charlie Brooker’s EMMY┬«-winning “Black Mirror” cyber horror series heading up the list at No. 1!  See the break down below.  Check out the full list ranked at IndieWire.

What is your favorite sci-fi TV show this year?

Continue reading ‘Black Mirror’, FX’s ‘Legion’ and ‘The Expanse’ Make IndieWire’s 20 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Of The 21st Century!

SDCC 2017: Composers Jeff Russo, Mac Quayle And More Go ‘Behind The Music’ Today

If you’re at San Diego Comic Con, then you must be heading to the “Behind The Music” panel discussion, right? Right?

Join some of the top composers around, who will give insight on how they contribute to many of the most popular fantasy/fiction titles in the TV and film worlds. This will be a can’t-miss, colorful, fascinating journey into the minds of the industry’s most imaginative! Panelists include Jeff Russo (composer, Legion, Fargo), Mac Quayle (composer, Mr. Robot, American Horror Story, Feud), and more!  Celebrity moderators are Rachel Keller (Legion, Fargo) and Jeremie Harris (Legion, The Get Down).  Grab details below and more info at Comic Con online.

1 PM, Room 29AB



In Conversation With Legion FX Composer Jeff Russo (Podcast) | Birth.Movies.Death

LEGION is a hit! Let’s partially blame composer Jeff Russo. – Score Keeper, Birth.Movies.Death

If you’re a fan of FX’s Legion series, starring Dan Stevens as a mutant diagnosed with schizophrenia, then you already know Jeff Russo’s score plays an integral role in the hit series.  Go behind the scenes with The Damn Fine Cast’s Tony Giles and Jeff Russo now at Birth.Movies.Death for an exclusive interview to satisfy our appetites for all things Legion.

Legion Soundtracks available now: [Download/Stream] [Get Vol. 2]

LEGION is produced by FX Productions and Marvel Television.


Ask Legion FX Composer Jeff Russo Anything Today At 12 Noon PST (REDDIT AMA)

Legion FX Soundtracks on Lakeshore Records

Here’s your chance to ask Legion FX composer Jeff Russo everything you ever wanted to know about his stand-out score!  The Legion (Original Television Series Soundtrack) and the recently-released Volume 2 album featuring the sought-after tracks “Fauxlero” and Dan Stevens’ rendition of “Rainbow Connection” are out now on all major digital outlets!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask him about his work on HBO’s acclaimed “The Night Of” Limited Series (starring Riz Ahmed), WGN “Manhattan” (co-scored with Zoe Keating) and many more!

Head over to REDDIT AMA at 12 noon PST here.

Legion Soundtracks available now: [Download/Stream] [Get Vol. 2]