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‘Prevenge’ Movie and Score (By Toydrum) Review | Nerdist

“From the appreciably fast-paced editorial approach and Lowe’s powerhouse lead performance to a fantastic musical score (by Toydrum) and enough compelling subtext to fill three genre flicks, there’s enough intelligence and dark wit on display here to call Prevenge the best horror film of its sort since Mary Harron’s wonderfully twisted American Psycho” – Scott Weinberg, Nerdist

The North American digital release of Prevenge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Lakeshore Records, featuring the synth-heavy score by Toydrum (Pablo Clements and James Griffith).  Film writer Scott Weinberg reviews the Revenge movie, and you can read the full story at at Nerdist

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download][Stream]

Grab the UK/EU release now via Invada Records.  

The film opens in select NY/LA theaters on March 24.  Get a sneak peek of the film on Thursday, March 16 at Cinefamily in Los Angeles (RSVP here).  PREVENGE is now playing in UK theaters (get tickets).


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Looking for Something ‘Strange’ This Christmas? HUH Magazine Has You Covered!


Stranger Things (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

HUH Magazine have selected Stranger Things as one of their gift guide items, this holiday season.

The soundtrack, which was recently named as one of the top 50 albums of 2016 by both Rolling Stone & Consequence Of Sound has been a worldwide phenomenon, winning over music fans across the world.  With its unforgettable melodies and pounding synths, it’s easy to understand why HUH have chosen Stranger Things as a part of their selection.

Take a trip to the ‘Upside Down’ this Christmas!

Download The Album Now On [ITUNES] / Stream On [SPOTIFY]

Stranger Things Vol 1
Kyle Dixon And Michael Stein

01 Stranger Things
02 Kids
03 Nancy and Barb
04 This Isn’t You
05 Lay-Z-Boy
06 Friendship
07 Eleven
08 A Kiss
09 Castle Beyers
10 Hawkins
11 The Upside Down
12 After Sarah
13 One Blink For Yes
14 Photos in the Woods
15 Fresh Blood
16 Lamps
17 Hallucinations
18 Hanging Lights
19 Biking to School
20 Are You Sure?
21 Agents
22 Papa
23 Cops Are Good at Finding
24 No Weapons
25 Walking Through the Nether
26 She’ll Kill You
27 Run Away
28 No Autopsy
29 Dispatch
30 Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
31 Lights Out
32 Hazmat Suits
33 Theoretically
34 You Can Talk to Me
35 What Else Is There to Do?
36 Hawkins Lab

Additional Information:


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Lakeshore, Really Loves Vinyl! Six New Vinyl Titles Heading Your Way Soon!










When we say Lakeshore Loves Vinyl, we really, really mean it!

In the 2 weeks since Mondo-Con, Lakeshore Records and our partners InvadaDeath WaltzIAm8Bit & Music On Vinyl have six brand new titles all coming your way towards the end of 2016 into early 2017!

Covering a wide range of genres in this latest group of releases, there really is something for every vinyl soundtrack enthusiasts needs.

From the utterly terrifying (Don’t Breathe and Blair Witch) to the insanely good (Bates Motel) and that’s before we get to the award calibre fare of (Moonlight and A Light Between Oceans), and if that wasn’t enough, we also have the classic soundtrack for Vampire Vs Werewolves blockbuster (Underworld) dropping this Record Store Day: Black Friday!

Can you think of any other label with such an incredible and dynamic output?

TG from Lakeshore Loves Vinyl has put together a Spotify playlist featuring tracks from the six new releases mentioned above, why not take a sample of what’s coming up at Lakeshore Records.


Lakeshore Loves Vinyl, Launching Now! Vinyl Specific Focus for Film Music Fans!


Lakeshore Records is happy to announce the formation of Lakeshore Loves Vinyl under the direction of Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Cast!  Lakeshore Loves Vinyl is a specific focus on the vinyl titles released by Lakeshore Records in association with our many awesome and amazing partners.

We’re huge vinyl release fans and we know how important the format is to film music fans like us! Over the past few years we have collaborated creatively with truly great partners on fantastic releases including Drive, Hannibal, Mr Robot, Blue Valentine, The Nice Guys, and more.  To date, we have released both score and soundtrack titles in conjunction with Death Waltz, iam8bit, Invada, Mondo, Movies On Vinyl, Phineas Atwood, and more to come!

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best titles possible from our catalog as well as exciting new releases.

To keep up to date with Lakeshore Loves Vinyl and gain exclusive access to Lakeshore Records test presses, signed copies and other swag to be announced, be sure to follow us on:

Facebook – Lakeshore Loves Vinyl
Instagram – @lakeshorelovesvinyl
Twitter – @lakeshoreloves

Keep on spinning  -LLV



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Vinyl : ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Soundtrack In Bronze Age LP Is The Singular Cannibal Western Horror Collectible!


It’s not every day when critics invite soundtrack fans not to wait for the vinyl release because the album is “that good,” but our friends over at The Damn Fine Cast podcast, who primarily review vinyl releases, are huge fans of the Bone Tomahawk soundtrack, which feature the score by Jeff Herriott & S. Craig Zahler.  Listen to their review below.  And, if you happen to be in the market to get the soundtrack vinyl, you’re in luck: you can order it now at Invada Records!


Directed by S. Craig Zahler and starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins, Indie Spirit Award nominee Bone Tomahawk movie is available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here) and On Demand (rent it on iTunes).  Head over to our Vinyl Store for more soundtrack offerings!


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