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Roque Banos-Scored ‘Don’t Breathe’ Blockbuster Makes Rolling Stone’s 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2016!

“Fede Alvarez (that Evil Dead reboot) uses every aspect of his talent and the genre’s tropes (especially the dark) to terrorize you with mind-boggling efficiency.”


Rolling Stone just released its 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2016 list, and Don’t Breathe (which was #1 in the US box offices) takes the #2 spot!  Congrats to our partners on their much-deserved accolade!  See the full list at Rolling Stone.  

Don’t Breathe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Lakeshore Records: [DL][CD][Vinyl][Stream]

Sony Screen Gems presents DON’T BREATHE, available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here) and Digital (get it on iTunes).


Year End Special: Lakeshore Loves Vinyl Spins The Best Soundtracks – Listen!

For the past half-year, Lakeshore Records has been supplying us with fantastic behind-the-scenes podcasts featuring interviews with many different composers talking about their latest work. Hosted by Tony Giles, these podcasts have been a real addition to the web site offering unique perspectives that aren’t often translated through the written word.  – Score Keeper, Birth.Movies.Death

Take a trip down memory lane with Tony Giles (host of The Damn Fine Cast and our Lakeshore Loves Vinyl guru), who spins a curated set of Lakeshore Records vinyl released in 2016 — we may be biased — but boy is this playlist good.  There aren’t enough words to describe all the emotions that go into hearing Tony’s selections from each album.  It’s been a truly amazing year of soundtrack releases at Lakeshore Records and we thank you for sticking by us on this musical journey.  So sit back, relax, and hear the full podcast exclusively at Birth.Movies.Death!

Featured Music: Lakeshore Loves Vinyl 2016 Podcast Playlist
1 KMC014  – Synchronicity
2 Baskin – Baskin
3 Wayward Pines Theme/Suite – Wayward Pines
4 Overture – Anomalisa
5 Four Doomed Men Ride Out – Bone Tomahawk
6 Rustin Parr – Blair Witch
7 End Titles – Don’t Breathe
8 Stranger Things Theme Extended – Stranger Things
9 Bill Harper – Mr Robot
10 Memories – Captain Fantastic
11 Love Crime – Hannibal Season 3
12 Daniel – Camino
13 Prologue/Tuyo – Narcos
14 Don’t Tell Sarah – Swiss Army Man
15 – September – The Nice Guys

What’s New On Lakeshore: Before The Flood, Moonlight, Black Mirror, Scream: The TV Series Score, Top iTunes Movies + More!

What's New: Before The Flood, Black Mirror, Moonlight, Scream Soundtracks

Catch up on Lakeshore Records‘ exciting new soundtrack releases!  Here’s a summary of what you may have missed in the past week:  Before The Flood, Black Mirror: Men Against Fire, Moonlight, Scream: The TV Series, and six movies with Lakeshore releases land on iTunes Movies’ Top 20 list!  See the full list and check out our October playlist to preview our albums below.

Which films or TV shows will you cue up?

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‘Don’t Breathe’ Vinyl: The Terrifying Horror Hit Of The Summer Available To Pre-Order Now!

dontbreathe_vinylcompDon’t Breathe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Pre Order [HERE]

The jarring, disturbing, edgy and yet wonderfully melodic score for Fede Alvarez‘ Don’t Breathe by Roque Baños makes its vinyl debut through our partners Invada this November.

The score, for which Baños helped create his own sounds using various household objects alongside traditional instruments delivers a unique listening experience that coupled with the films images deliver a tense viewing. As a stand alone listen though, this could easily be one of the most unnerving audio experiences I’ve ever had, and I am all for it.

Download The Album Now At [ITUNES] / Stream On [SPOTIFY]

Vinyl Details:
LIST: £23.99 / $26.99 (Approx)
COLOR: Orange & Red Swirl
DESCRIPTION : Gatefold sleeve and comes complete with double sided printed inner which features additional artwork and credits. Also includes a digital download card.

Don’t Breathe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Roque Baños

1. The Abandoned Neighborhood
2. Let’s Do This One
3. Approaching The House
4. The Blindman Liar
5. Money Dies
6. The Safe Box
7. Let’s Get Out Of Here
8. Indoor Chasing
9. Dog Hunting
10. Captured
11. Insemination
12. Trapped In The Car
13. Back To The Car
14. Leaving Town
15. Don’t Breathe Credits

Additional Information:

Soundtrack Picks: ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Don’t Breathe’ And ‘Where Did they Film That? Italy’ Featured! | Film Music Magazine

Stranger Things and Don't Breathe Soundtrack CDs

Dixon and Stein’s [score] swings between chilling, lonely atmospheres and evil, foggy percussion coalesce into the sci-fi horror score twilight zone… gripping tonal peril that strongly elevates “Stranger Things” out of the realm of geeky homage kid’s stuff it could have been lost in the dark in.

Daniel Schweiger features Stranger Things, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (score by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein), and Don’t Breathe (score by Roque Baños) in his September soundtrack Picks!

Also mentioned is music artist album release, Where Did They Film That? Italy, featuring Popera singer Romina Arena.  Which soundtrack have you listened to?  See the full reviews at Film Music Magazine.

Preview Daniel’s September Picks on Lakeshore and more here: