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Wayward Pines: Score By Charlie Clouser Coming Soon, Fox TV Series Airs Thursdays At 9/8c

Hear The ‘Saw’ Composer’s Score From The Superbly Cast Miniseries Event


If you loved Lost, you’ll feel right at home in Wayward Pines. But, pack some Twin Peaks, The Prisoner and even M. Night’s own The Village from 2004 if you really want to feel at home. –Deadline


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Wayward Pines, the television event airing now through July 23 on Fox.  The album features score by Charlie Clouser (SAW, NUMB3RS).  From Executive Producers M. Night Shyamalan, Donald De Line, Chad Hodge and Ashwin Rajan, Wayward Pines airs Thursdays, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX and is a production of FX Productions.  Go to IndieWIRE for an exclusive listen to two tracks of Charlie Clouser’s score from last week’s episode!  Stay tuned: more soundtrack details are forthcoming!


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Lakeshore Records Celebrates 20th Anniversary of NIN The Downward Spiral

Twenty years ago this month, Nine Inch Nails released their ground-breaking Downward Spiral album to much acclaim: making the Billboard 200 at #2 and certified quadruple platinum.  This summer, Nine Inch Nails embarks on a North American tour with Soundgarden (also celebrating their own 20th anniversary).  In commemoration, we revisit Lakeshore Records‘ catalog of soundtracks composed and produced by past band members of Nine Inch Nails: Charlie Clouser, Danny Lohner and Chris Vrenna.

NIN 20th Anniversary Retrospective - Lakeshore Records

Download these soundtracks released by former NIN members:

Chris Vrenna was the Live Drummer of Nine Inch Nails (1989-97) and credited as Engineer for Downward Spiral.  Lakeshore Records released Vrenna’s Tweaker – 2am Wake Up Call Special Edition DVD (mixed for 5.1 Surround Sound)http://amzn.to/NmM1BC.

Danny Lohner (also goes by Renholder), was brought into NIN by Reznor in 1994 and is credited as songwriter on several Downward Spiral songs. His credits appear regularly on albums throughout the band’s history.  Lohner is credited as Producer for Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtracks. He is currently in Puscifer with Maynard James Keenan from Tool.

iTunes: http://bit.ly/UnderworldMusic | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1cPSUrk

Underworld: Evolution
iTunes: http://bit.ly/UnderworldEvOST | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fQN2Of

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Also features a The Cure remix)
iTunes: http://bit.ly/UROTLOST | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1iV7uw7

Underworld: Awakening (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
iTunes: http://bit.ly/UAMusic | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ieKnOz

Charlie ClouserThe Grammy-nominated Composer worked closely with frontman Trent Reznor and toured extensively with the band from 1994-2000.  Watch his Composer Interview below.

Resident Evil: Extinction
iTunes: http://bit.ly/ResidentEvilExtinctionOST | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1dev4At

Dead Silence
iTunes: http://bit.ly/DeadSilenceOST | Amazon: http://bit.ly/4IKlF2

Check out our Composer Interviews page for more.

Dead Silence Soundtrack

2 Days to Halloween!  Here’s another Lakeshore Classic Horror Soundtrack:

A gothic chiller in which morbid atmospherics and simmering suspense build to an ingenious third-act climax. – Star Tribune

Dead Silence (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Download the album at: http://bit.ly/1gCPLMO

Track Listing

1. We Sleep Forever – Aiden
2. Main Titles – Charlie Clouser
3. Sheet – Charlie Clouser
4. Blood – Charlie Clouser
5. Apartment – Charlie Clouser
6. Raven’s Fair – Charlie Clouser
7. Dad’s House – Charlie Clouser
8. Ella – Charlie Clouser
9. My Son – Charlie Clouser
10. What Poem? – Charlie Clouser
11. Caskets – Charlie Clouser
12. Motel Hearse – Charlie Clouser
13. It Can’t Be – Charlie Clouser
14. Funeral – Charlie Clouser
15. Billy – Charlie Clouser
16. Perplexed – Charlie Clouser
17. Steal Billy – Charlie Clouser
18. Lips Moving – Charlie Clouser
19. Coffin – Charlie Clouser
20. Photos – Charlie Clouser
21. Map Drive – Charlie Clouser
22. Guignol – Charlie Clouser
23. He Talked – Charlie Clouser
24. It’s Soup – Charlie Clouser
25. Full Tank – Charlie Clouser
26. Doll Wall – Charlie Clouser
27. All The Dolls – Charlie Clouser
28. One Left – Charlie Clouser
29. Mary Shaw – Charlie Clouser
30. Dummy – Charlie Clouser
31. Family Album – Charlie Clouser

Album Available at: iTunes / Amazon

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