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Vinyl : Gary Numan’s ‘From Inside’ Score Is A Post-Apocalypse Fever Dream Soundtrack On 2LP!


Music pioneer Gary Numan and music producer Ade Fenton immersed themselves musically into the dystopian world of From Inside, an award-winning animated feature film written and directed by John Bergin (Wednesday).  The album art is also designed by John Bergin, who paid homage to Gary Numan’s “Telekon” album (1980) and to his band Tubeway Army’s “That’s Too Bad” album (1978).  “The jacket is printed with spot colors; a special “double-shot” process. There is also a two-sided full-color insert with exclusive artwork and liner notes,” said John.  Read our original From Inside Vinyl announcement for more album art details.

From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available now digitally (get it here) and on CD (get it here) via Lakeshore Records, and on double vinyl — an essential collector’s item for the Gary Numan enthusiast.


FROM INSIDE: GARY NUMAN SPECIAL EDITION movie is available now on Blu-ray (get it here) and on Digital Download (rent it on iTunes).  Go to our Vinyl Store for more!

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An Interview With Gary Numan, ‘From Inside’ Composer (Audio)

On a spring day in Los Angeles, Lakeshore Records sat down with Gary Numan, electronic and industrial music pioneer, to discuss his score for From Inside, a dystopian animated feature directed by John Bergin (Wednesday).  Gary Numan is now in the middle of his three-night residency in Los Angeles, performing music from three of his classic albums.  Get tickets and information at GaryNuman.com.

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition is available now on DVD and From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) featuring score by Gary Numan & Ade Fenton is out now on Lakeshore Records.  Hear the interview at the jump.


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From Inside Soundtrack By Gary Numan & Ade Fenton Now Available on Custom Vinyl

The custom vinyl edition of From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is now available for order.   The vinyl jacket is a collectible work of art designed and illustrated by the film’s director, John Bergin, and is printed with a special “double shot” inking process.  The double LP also includes a two-sided full-color insert with exclusive artwork and liner notes.

Gary Numan & Ade Fenton - From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl

Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the story of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape.  Cee struggles with memories of her lost husband and the imminent birth of her child.  The score is composed by Electronic and Industrial music pioneer Gary Numan and Ade Fenton.

From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): Vinyl
Gary Numan & Ade Fenton

Track Listing

Disc 1:
The Train
We Crossed a Bridge Over Death
On A Red Lake
The Empty House
Memories of Fire
So Many Bodies
The Killing
My Part In This Is Over
Almost Inhuman
A Moment of Reflection
Nothing Can Stop Us

Disc 2:
The Cave In
A Dream About The Dirty-Faced Girl
The Little Fire Engine
Heaven and Hell
The End of the World
Cee, The Light
Finding Him
The Bandaged Man
Into the Eternal Flames

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From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition, Award-Winning Animated Film Now Available On VOD & Hulu Plus, Get The Soundtrack On iTunes!

Director John Bergin‘s highly-anticipated film, From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition, released by Lakeshore Records, is now available on iTunes for rental or purchase.  Stream the apocalypse into your laptop, iPhone, or living room in beautiful HD quality!

Preview the soundtrack album which features scenes from the film:


The animated feature is a post-apocalyptic epic written, illustrated, directed and animated by John Bergin.  The film has screened in over 35 film festivals around the world and garnered Winner: Best Animated Film at the prestigious SITGES International Film Festival; Winner: Best Feature at Utopiales; Winner: First Feature at Fantasia, to name a few.

Gary Numan and Ade Fenton’s score for the film is also available now on iTunes, Digipak CD, and limited edition vinyl.  The score has been garnering rave reviews.  Check out the album that Billboard calls “Emotional” and Post-Punk enthused, “Perfectly Subtle.”

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition: Buy HD | Rent HD

From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition Available Now on VOD & Hulu

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From Inside is also available On Demand for HuluPlus members: Watch Online.

From Inside Soundtrack Album Gets Vinyl Release

The custom vinyl edition of From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) will be released on January 13 and is now available for pre-order.  The vinyl jacket is a collectible work of art designed and illustrated by the film’s director, John Bergin.

From Inside Official Movie Site


Pre-order Here: From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl

We asked John Bergin a few questions about his design.

Do you like designing for vinyl?

It’s nice to see vinyl having a resurgence. Beyond the unique audio qualities of vinyl, I’m really enjoying the custom artwork everyone is doing — Mondo and Invada, for example.  Anything that brings illustration and design to the fore in lieu of overly-photoshopped images is great to see.  The huge 12” x 12” canvas of a record jacket just begs for something special and unique — not to mention the inclusion of inserts, posters, and special treatments like foil stamps and die-cuts.  The renewed interest in vinyl is bringing back the idea that music packaging should be something special — that music’s physical form is something worth discovering and collecting.


Tell us about the package.

From Inside is a double LP.  The jacket is printed with spot colors; a special “double-shot” process. There is also a two-sided full-color insert with exclusive artwork and liner notes.

Please explain “double shot.”

With offset printing, four colors of ink — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black — are combined to make every color.  Some colors are hard to match or look dull using this process.  Spot colors are different.  Instead of mixing four colors to make a new color, single colors of ink are printed one-at-time, kind of like silkscreening.  The From Inside cover has two spot colors: red and black.  The red areas are printed twice.  So the jacket, in a sense, goes through the press once for the red plate, then it goes through a second time printing the red again (a “double shot”). This makes the red thick and vibrant. Vibrant reds are difficult to create with four-color printing.  I wanted the red to look special since there’s a bit of a story behind my choice of the color.

Is it something to do with your concept for the illustration?

Yes. I’ve always loved the way Gary’s album Telekon turned the simple design element of two red stripes into such an overarching concept — an icon. Those two horizontal and vertical stripes became instantly recognizable and connected to Gary [Numan] — echoed, even, in his uniform and live shows of the time.  The From Inside cover is the same color scheme as Telekon: red and black.  The two lines of dripping blood are meant to recall the stripes of Telekon.  So, I wanted the red to be very eye-catching.

I am also paying homage to Tubeway Army.  The cover of the “That’s Too Bad” 1978 vinyl is a two-color illustration (red and black again) of a train coming toward the viewer.

One final reference in my design is a nod to my favorite post-apocalypse film, Road Warrior.  I am playing off the composition of that movie poster: the truck barreling toward the viewer; city in the distance.

Are you working on other vinyl albums?

Yes.  Quite a few planned for 2015.  Stay tuned…


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Own your copy of From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition the film — available now on DVD.

Download The Album!

From Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes | Buy CD | Pre-order LP