More Music from The Spectacular Now – Announcement

The Soundtrack to the sleeper hit of the summer, The Spectacular Now starring Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller,  has a sequel coming out!  Check out the cover and tracklisting to The Spectacular Now (More Music from the Motion Picture) 

Available August 20th- Pre-order it at iTunes starting next week.

iTunes / Amazon

The Spectacular Now (More music from) Track Listing:

1. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young – Faron Young
2. Go Hard – Kutt the Check
3. Wild Nights – Snake! Snake! Snakes!
4. New Theory – Washed Out
5. Farming Man – Tennessee River Crooks
6. The Riff – Just Water
7. No Good with Secrets – Saturday Looks Good To Me
8. Need Someone to Love – Norma Jenkins

#ThrowbackThursday – Nacho Libre – Classic Summer Soundtrack

Another favorite Summer Soundtrack from our archive is for Jack Black’s Nacho Libre.  Featuring two original songs by Beck, classic bits of hilarious dialogue from Nacho, and all the other fun music from the movie including score by Danny Elfman, this album is a must-own- download it here.

Nacho Libre at iTunes / Amazon

Nacho Libre Soundtrack Track Listing:

1. Hombre Religioso (Religious Man) – Mr. Loco
2. A Nice Pile-Drive To The Face – Nacho
3. Move, Move, Move – Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
4. Papas! – Mr. Loco
5. Singing At The Party – Jack Black with Ismael Garcia Ruiz Y Su Trio
6. Ramses Suite – Danny Elfman
7. All The Orphans In The World – Nacho & Esqueleto
8. There Is No Place In This World For Me – Beck
9. I’m Serious – Nacho
10. 10,000 Pesos – Beck
11. Irene – Caetano Veleso
12. Pump A Jam (Ramses) – Cholotronic
13. Black Is Black – Eddie Santiago
14. Half Forgotten Daydreams – John Cameron
15. Encarnacion – Jack Black
16. Tender Beasts Of The Spangled Night – Beck
17. Saint Behind The Glass – Los Lobos
18. Beneath The Clothes We Find The Man? – Nacho
19. Forbidden Nectar – Jack Black & Mucha Mucho Acapulco

Nacho inside tray

Interview with The Spectacular Now composer Rob Simonsen

Check out this interview from with The Spectacular Now composer Rob Simonsen:

Simonsen’s subtly captivating music is totally in the headspace of these two characters, the hilarious boozy-brass opening of “Spectacular Now” gradually getting past the humor to reveal its drifting self in beautiful washes of melancholy melody. For “The Way Way Back,” an alternately lyrical and bouncy guitar-driven theme pushes Duncan out the door for his journey of water slide self-discovery, all while gentle, echoing chords and a piano show the dead-end his mom’s settled for with a passive-aggressive boyfriend.

Though each Simonsen score is character specific, they’re linked by an understated, highly melodic approach that links the films and their music as taking place in the same teen universe where quirky humor blends with the angst of invading adulthood. Their offbeat tones show that Simonsen has indeed learned well from time spent with Mychael Danna, a composer who set the bar for the musically offbeat with such scores as “The Ice Storm,” “The Sweet Hereafter” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” Fully teaming as composers for the quirky acoustical romance of “Management” and a surprisingly traditional orchestral approach that counted down the bittersweet “(500) Days of Summer).” While he’s remained just as busy with more grown-up concerns from a murderous heir in “All Good Things” to the cop family of TV’s “Bluebloods” and the ironic task of “Seeking A Friend for the End of the World,” “The Spectacular Now” and “The Way Way Back” represent the full graduation of Simonsen into Gen Y scoring as he translates the tunes its characters listen to into the entrancing scores of their lives.

Read the full interview here:

Download the  The Spectacular Now soundtrack now at: and see the film, in Theaters Today!

The Spectacular Now at iTunes / Amazon

#ThrowbackThursday – Napoleon Dynamite – Classic Summer Soundtrack!

Today we’re focusing on one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE Soundtracks from the archives, Napoleon Dynamite.   This classic features songs from the legendary movie, plus quirky original score by composer John Swihart and tons of dialogue from the film.

Download this flipping sweet album here:

Napoleon Dynamite at iTunes / Amazon

Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack Track Listing:

1. What Ever I Feel Like – Dialog
2. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow
3. Bus Rider – John Swihart
4. Locker Room 1 – Dialog
5. Every Moment – Rogue Wave
6. Pull In Town – Dialog
7. Nap Pulls Kip Return – John Swihart
8. Nap Pulls Kip – John Swihart
9. You Do Speak English? – Dialog
10. New Mate – Figurine
11. Granny ATV – John Swihart
12. Cagefighter – Dialog
13. A-Team Theme – John Swihart
14. Here’s Rico – John Swihart
15. Summer’s Cake – John Swihart
16. Vote For Me – Dialog
17. Design – Fiction Company
18. Locker Room 2 – Dialog
19. Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone – Money Mark
20. Worst Video – Dialog
21. Thrifty – John Swihart
22. Suit – Dialog
23. Suitwalk – John Swihart
24. Talons – Dialog
25. Kip Waits – John Swihart
26. Chapstick – Dialog
27. Solamente Una Vez – Trio Los Panchos
28. Loch Ness – Dialog
29. Nap Store Video – John Swihart
30. Ask It By Pedro – Dialog
31. Canned Heat – Jamiroquai
32. D-Qwan Boogie – John Swihart
33. Nap Dance Bedroom – John Swihart
34. Whole Milk – Dialog
35. Only You – Yaz
36. Nap Rico Van – John Swihart
37. Nap Hangs Up The Phone – John Swihart
38. Forever Young – Alphaville
39. Time After Time – Sparklemotion
40. Ninja Moves – Dialog
41. Alternate Ending Montage – John Swihart
42. The Promise

The Spectacular Now Soundtrack is Now Available

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