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The Rise of The Synths Soundtrack: The Two-EP Synth Score Review | Soundtrack Dreams

What I love most about this music is how immersive it is, unlike anything else I could listen to, and it never fails to get me… I love it that this genre is finally getting some recognition. Can’t wait to see the documentary. – Soundtrack Dreams


Film music reviewer Soundtrack Dreams dives deep into the two-EP synth score albums of The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album), and he has something to say about a lot of the artists featured on the albums!  Next month, Lakeshore Records will be releasing a special digital edition of the synth album compilation, to be released on the same day with the vinyl release.  More details coming soon!  Read the full album review now at Soundtrack Dreams.

Both EPs of The Rise of The Synths (The Companion Album) are available now digitally: [EP 1][EP 2]

Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Featured on The Cover of Rue Morgue!

Clive Barker’s iconic horror film, Hellraiser, is featured on the cover of the Rue Morgue November/December issue! On this 30th Anniversary of the film release, the award-winning horror magazine has featured all things Hellraiser, including the reissued remixed/remastered score by Christopher Young, out now on Lakeshore Records!  

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]

Also in tribute to this 30th Anniversary, our friends at Death Waltz Recordings/Mondo have released their own vinyl version of the re-mastered score with new, original artwork — check it out here.




Also in tribute to this 30th Anniversary, our friends at Death Waltz Recordings/Mondo have released their own version of the re-mastered score with new, original artwork — check it out here.

Image Entertainment and Lakeshore International Corp. present HELLRAISER, available now on Digital (get it here).

In Conversation With ‘The Walking Dead’ Composer Bear McCreary (Podcast)

Listen to the podcast interview with “The Walking Dead” composer Bear McCreary! Our host, Tony Giles (The Damn Fine Cast), pulls back the curtains and goes behind-the-scenes with the prolific composer of dozens of your favorite film and television series.   Lakeshore also released Bear’s other scores to Revolt, Colossal and The Boy.  Does Bear have a “The Walking Dead” signature palette? Will he tour with a band?  Debuted originally at Birth.Movies.Death, listen to the podcast and get the scoop:




Soundtrack featuring highlights from Season 1 through 7 is available vow via Lakeshore and Sparks & Shadows: [Download/Stream/Buy CD/Pre-order Vinyl]


Composer Bear McCreary signs The Walking Dead Vinyl! Signed Vinyl Give-A-Ways to be announced! Film Music Daily Blog/Newsletter subscribers win signed vinyl! – – Upcoming signed vinyl giveaways will include The Walking Dead, Hellraiser 30th Anniversary, Castlevania, Moonlight, Legion, A Scanner Darkly and more! – – You have to be a subscriber to win! Details in each monthly newsletter! – – #thewalkingdead #bearmccreary #hellraiser #christopheryoung #legion #jeffrusso #ascannerdarkly #grahamreynolds #moonlight #nicholasbritell #vinyl #vinyligclub #signedvinyl #vinylcollector #vinylcommunity #soundtracksonvinyl #vinylsoundtrack #vinylsoundtracks #filmcomposer #lakeshorerecords #filmmusicdaily #lakeshorelovesvinyl

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New episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8 on Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.


EXCLUSIVE! Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack Vinyl Announced! | Pitchfork

Premiering today at Pitchfork are the highly-anticipated details of the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack vinyl release coming to you via Lakeshore Records (North America) and Invada Records (Rest Of World)! Check out details now at Pitchfork.

Stranger Things season 1 and Season 2 now streaming on Netflix.




Wind River Soundtrack Vinyl : Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Score Review, Film No. 1 on iTunes Movies! | Louder Than War

David Bowie once sang “ain’t there one damn song that can make me / break down and cry?” with Wind River Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have created an entire score full of them. – Simon Tucker, Louder Than War

Louder Than War reviews Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ acclaimed score to Wind River, currently the No. 1-ranked independent film on iTunes Movies!  Check out the review by Simon Tucker now at Louder Than War.  Together with Invada Records, Lakeshore Records is thrilled to release Wind River (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — available now on all major digital music services.  Preview the album below.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]

Lionsgate presents WIND RIVER, available now on Digital (get it here).