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‘Halt And Catch Fire’: Stream The Entire Final Season And Put On The Soundtracks!

Halt and Catch Fire was a show that completely embraced change, filled with vibrant and fully realized characters who gave themselves up to the fires of creation and progress and reinvention… -Joshua Rivera, GQ 

We aren’t the only ones who did not want “Halt And Catch Fire” to end!  The AMC series, which aired the finale a week ago, features score by Paul Haslinger, who knows a thing or two about music of the PC era (he is a former member of pioneering electronic music band Tangerine Dream).  In an interview with Consequence of Sound’s Michael Roffman, who calls the score “exceptional”, Paul revealed that his work on the series began almost exactly 30 years after his stint with the band.  “This album is the closest to an actual release of electronic music that I’ve come to since leaving TD in 1990. I’ve had a lot of fun making it, hope you enjoy it!”



Music played a significant role throughout the series, and period-correct songs placed throughout, moving from the ’80s to the ’90s (thanks to genius Music Supervisor Thomas Golubiç) were some of the highlights.  In fact, the scene featuring Cameron and Joe dancing to the Pixies’ “Velouria” (episode 309) was called one of the “10 Best Musical TV Moments of 2016” by Vulture.

Soundtracks Available Now: [Buy US Vinyl][Buy UK Vinyl][Get Various Artists Album]


Re-watch and relive the series from beginning to at least Season 3 now on Netflix.  Season 4 is available now on AMC online (login required), the AMC app, and iTunes (download here).  Then, tell us what is your favorite moment of “Halt And Catch Fire”?


Mr. Robot Soundtrack: An Interview With EMMY® Winner Mac Quayle | Business Insider

Ever wonder how EMMY® Winner Mac Quayle scores each episode of Mr. Robot?  Did you know he’s worked with iconic music bands like New Order and GRAMMY®-Winning recording artists?  Check out the interview at Business Insider for the scoop!

Also, don’t miss a night to remember when Mac Quayle perform his EMMY®-winning score live at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 5!  Entitled M@CQUAYLE_THEMUS1C0FMRROB0T.MP3, the concert will feature Mac Quayle and other musicians who will recreate “the electronic soundscape that helps set the often isolating and eerie tone for the USA series.” (Billboard)  Get tickets here.

Pre-order the Mr. Robot, Vol. 3 Lakeshore Webshop Variant Vinyl here: [Webshop]


Mr. Robot, Vol. 4 is available now digitally and on CD: [get it here]


New episodes of Mr. Robot Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 100th Episode Premiere Tonight! Pre-order Bear McCreary’s Score on Vinyl

Tonight is the night for the return of “The Walking Dead” on AMC! Bear McCreary’s score was just released digitally and on CD ahead of the highly-anticipated return of this hit series and worldwide cultural phenomenon, and now you can pre-order the Lakeshore Webshop “Green Marble” variant on vinyl.  Featuring selections hand-picked by Bear himself from Seasons 1 to 7, the album represents score highlights and fan favorites.  Will you tune in tonight?

Soundtrack Available Now via Lakeshore and Sparks & Shadows: [Download/Stream/Buy CD/Pre-order Vinyl]

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

New Music Friday! ‘Stranger Things 2’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Wonderstruck’ + More Out Now

This week, some of film and TV’s most highly-anticipated soundtrack releases are finally here!  From the “Stranger Things” Season 2 soundtrack (score by EMMY® Winners Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein), “The Walking Dead” (score by Bear McCreary) and Wonderstruck (score by Carter Burwell, to new vinyl releases, we’ve got the details below!


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‘The Walking Dead’ Soundtrack: Bear McCreary’s Highly-Anticipated Score Debuts October 20 With Vinyl on October 27

“The apocalypse has a theme song in Bear McCreary’s haunting score for hit show The Walking Dead” –

Lakeshore Records and Sparks & Shadows are proud to release the first soundtrack featuring EMMY® award-winning composer Bear McCreary’s (10 Cloverfield Lane, Rebel in the Rye) original score for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The soundtrack will be released digitally and CD on October 20, on LP October 27, 2017.  Listen to a track premiered exclusively at Yahoo! Music.  See the album track list and more below.

“When we started discussing the first season we agreed that drama, action, and horror would be felt more intimately if the score were used only in pivotal scenes, and that it should be written with tonal clarity,” McCreary explained of his initial approach to scoring The Walking Dead. During the zombie apocalypse, silence would be the most prevalent – the lack of sound is what survivors would notice. Those moments when McCreary’s music kicks in, viewers know they are about to be treated to something important. “This approach allowed me to create big emotional impacts with sparse musical gestures.”

Pre-order The Album: [Download/CD/Vinyl]

As the series progressed, McCreary was able to expand the musical palette. For the second and third seasons he did so with “acoustic guitars and drums to connect with the farmhouse setting (check out ‘Message to Morgan’).” He blended these with a small orchestra for the gut-crushing mid-season finale (‘Sophia’). As audiences were introduced to new characters like the Governor, McCreary incorporated a synth pulse to his largely organic instrumentation. When Neegan was introduced a few seasons later, he employed “creepy electric guitar gestures.”

The eighth season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 22 at 9PM ET on AMC.

Catch up on the series now: Season 7 available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here); stream Season 1-6 now on Netflix.

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