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New Music Download: Horror Thriller ‘Wolf Creek 2’ Scored By Johnny Klimek – Download It Now On iTunes!

Wolf Creek 2 (watch on Apple Tv/Itunes), terrorizes your screen with Mick Taylor, the relentless Australian serial killer who preys on unfortunate tourists — and pretty much everyone else — who wander into The Outback.  Based on the popular cult film, Wolf Creek (2005), this latest movie release will not disappoint horror and “Road Warrior” fans.  Lakeshore Records is pleased to release the soundtrack scored by Johnny Klimek (I, Frankenstein).  Together with a lunatic serial killer and a classy soundtrack to elevate every suspenseful moment, thrill seekers won’t be disappointed.

Lakeshore Records: Wolf Creek 2 Soundtrack
Crazed serial killer Mick Taylor is played expertly by John Jarratt (“Django Unchained”).  Wolf Creek 2 also stars Ryan Corr and Shannon Ashlyn.  This is the third film Jarratt has starred in for Writer and Director Greg McLean.  Director Quentin Tarantino is widely reported to being a big fan of Jarratt, who originally cast him in Grindhouse.

Download The Album! Wolf Creek 2
Lakeshore Records: Wolf Creek 2 Soundtrack Cover









Wolf Creek 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

Track Listing:

01. Wolf Creek 2 Opening – Johnny Klimek

02. Head Shot – Johnny Klimek

03. Watering Hole – Johnny Klimek

04. Mick Kills Rutgar – Johnny Klimek

05. Katarina Escapes – Johnny Klimek

06. Katarina’s Funeral – Johnny Klimek

07. True Isolation – Johnny Klimek

08. The Semi Chase – Johnny Klimek

09. Wandering On Foot – Johnny Klimek

10. Paul’s Awakening – Johnny Klimek

11. Hunt And Whip – Johnny Klimek

12. Paul In The Hot Seat – Johnny Klimek

13. Knuckle Down – Johnny Klimek

14. Dazed Confused – Johnny Klimek

15. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – The Tokens

16. Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

17. I Fall To Pieces – Patsy Cline

18. Caro Nome – Nellie Melba

19. The Blue Danube Waltz – The Image Orchestra

Stay tuned for the album preview video!


Lakeshore Records Pick Of The Week: ‘Brick’ Soundtrack

Lakeshore Records has a tremendous catalog of soundtracks and artists albums, but have you heard them all?  We dedicate this week to our first selection: Brick, scored by China Kent and Nathan Johnson.  This film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lukas Haas and Emilie de Ravin in a stylistic Noir thriller centered around a High School murder mystery (watch Brick on YouTube).  Just listen to the dialogue!

Lakeshore Records: Pick of the Week: Brick Soundtrack

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Brendan, an outcast who seeks to solve the mystery behind the murder of his ex-girlfriend, who left him cryptic clues before her demise.  The soundtrack takes you through the decades via a retro track (thanks to Bunny Berigan), a track by The Velvet Underground, and classically high-pitched and leading instrumentals which only heighten any fears you may be accumulating during key moments of the film.

Download The Album! Brick Soundtrack: Download | Buy CD

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Meet Oscar-Nominated Composer John Debney On Saturday

Meet Academy Award-nominated Film Composer John Debney on Saturday, April 26 (12 noon to 2 p.m.) at Creature Features in Burbank, California.  Debney, who scored the films Walk of Shame and Draft Day (both Lakeshore Records soundtrack releases), will be on hand to autograph CDs purchased from his repertoire.

Lakeshore Records: John Debney Film Scores - Draft Day and Walk of Shame


Saturday, April 26, 2014
12 noon to 2 PM
Creature Features
2904 West Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA  91506
Phone: (818) 842-8665

Download The Albums!

Walk of Shame Score: Download
Draft Day: Download | Buy CD


For more on Lakeshore Records composers, go to our Composer Interviews page.


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An Interview With ‘The Motel Life’ Animator Mike Smith – Plus Watch An Exclusive Clip!

The Motel Life is a searing and profound examination of brotherhood set in the timeless Sierra Nevadan frontier. Two brothers, Frank (Emile Hirsch) and Jerry Lee (Stephen Dorff) escape their bleak day-to-day existence by telling each other fantastical stories. Lakeshore Records, who released the The Motel Life soundtrack, spoke with animator Mike Smith about his artwork for the film. Mike Smith was tasked with portraying the imagination of the two wayward brothers. Like David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia’s score for the film, Mike’s images are impressionistic, minimal, and stripped to the heart.

Lakeshore Records: The Motel Life Animator Mike Smith Illustration

You have been animating for over 30 years, including music videos for David Byrne, Grace Jones, and Bob Marley; and you have animated feature films and animated sequences in Tank Girl and Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. What attracted you to animation?

The endless variety of styles, techniques and interpretations. That is why it is so liberating to work on projects like The Motel Life and get a chance to express something different through the medium. From early on, I realized one could never really exhaust the possibilities to express ideas through animation. I still feel this way today.

Your animation for the film is loose and sketchy, yet it perfectly captures the spirit of the brothers and their stories. It looks like you used very simple tools.

I kept in mind that the animation was a sort-of joining of Frank’s stories and Jerry Lee’s imagination, so I wanted to keep a sketchbook feel to the animation to help us feel Jerry Lee’s presence while Frank told him the stories.

There is a quality one obtains from using the actual rough animation drawings in the final look that brings to mind an unfinished sketch. I felt that one could relate this style of animation to the rough-hewn style of American roots music.

Lakeshore Records: The Motel Life SoundtrackThis minimal approach can also be heard in David Holmes’ and Keefus Ciancia’s music. Were you inspired by the music? Did you try to match the sound of it with your drawing style?

While storyboarding of the animation, I listened to American roots music. When the animatics were edited, some of this found its way into the cut as temporary place-holders to help express the flavor of each sequence.



Download The AlbumThe Motel Life Soundtrack

Did you have a goal or idea in mind as to what the animation should look like before starting the project, or did you let it take shape as the film developed?

Originally, I did designs that were much more painterly or more expressive in terms of how one draws with charcoal as opposed to traditional animation pencil line. I decided to keep a rather monotone flavor to everything and have the animation affected by subtle textures and simple shading.

Much of the atmosphere actually comes from the surreal stories themselves and Emile Hirsch’s reading of them. It allowed me to wander visually and break the traditional ways of storytelling.

Do you have a favorite sequence in the film?

I liked the sequence where we imagine a childhood adventure with Frank and Jerry Lee. They encounter pirates, meet Willie Nelson and come-of-age thanks to a bevy of cowgirls.

Watch an exclusive clip from The Motel Life:

Watch “The Motel Life” on vudu and stay tuned for more updates on the film!


Lakeshore Records Gets Medieval For Game Of Thrones Fans

We get it, Game of Thrones fans.  If it wasn’t for the struggle for the throne, the power-hungry opportunists, dragons and the White Walkers (who doesn’t love zombies, let alone ice zombies) to remind us that real life is actually quite grand by comparison, we’d be at a loss on Sunday nights.  Lest we forget the damsels in continual distress, let us also not forget the occasional blood-letting and old-fashioned poisoning to fill our lusty goblets.  Medieval fantasies and epic tales of alternative worlds really tickle our trebuchets, which is why we created our own version of a fantasy land featuring soundtracks from movies of a similar realm.  Explore with us!

Lakeshore Records: A Medieval Music Map For Game of Thrones Fans

Featured: The Cave (stars Lena Headey, aka “Cersei Lannister”), The Last Airbender, Reclaiming The Blade, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.


Download The Albums!

The Cave: Download | Buy CD

The Last Airbender: Download | Buy CD

Reclaiming The Blade: Download | CD Unavailable

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: Download | Buy CD

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