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Listen to exclusive track from The Spectacular Now Soundtrack!

From Indiewire today:

In the midst of the summer blockbuster season, it may be hard to remember that a lot of really good movies are on the horizon, and one picture that made our honorable mentions roundup in our 2013: The Best Films Of The Year…So Far list was “The Spectacular Now,” from “Smashed” director James Ponsoldt. And with the movie on the way, we’ve got an exclusive listen to one of the many winning elements of the film, the score by Rob Simonsen (“The Way Way Back,” “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World“).

Starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, “The Spectacular Now” follows the blossoming romance between Aimee (Woodley), and the popular yet aimless Sutter (Teller). As you’ll hear in the track “Paper Route” from the score, Simonsen nicely captures the tenor of the film, which bounces from melancholy to something a bit lighter on its feet. It’s a movie we called “a valuable and honest film that’s worth the investment,” when we saw it at Sundance, and needless to say, it’s one we recommend tracking down this summer.

“The Spectacular Now” opens on August 2nd, with the soundtrack arriving on digital outlets on July 30th. Full details for the release are below along with the exclusive listen of “Paper Route.”

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Album out tomorrow! Pre-order it here:


Mud Soundtrack feat. in “10 Must Listen Soundtracks of 2013”!

The soundtrack to Mud was featured on’s “10 Must Listen Movie Soundtracks You Might Have Already Missed in 2013”!  Featuring new music from David Wingo and Lucero, you can download this excellent soundtrack at iTunes here: or go old school and get the CD here.


Here’s what they said:

Mud was one of those little indie features that seemed to fly under the radar earlier this year, but should definitely be sought out as it is a film that features strong performances accented by intoxicating music. David Wingo and Lucero created a beautiful and haunting soundtrack for Mud that took you right into the film’s slightly mysterious world. Wingo is no stranger to the world of film music (having composed the music for Snow Angels and Take Shelter) and his thought provoking, nuanced tracks pair perfectly with the rougher, more rock ‘n roll tracks from Lucero.

Both styles give the feeling of the Deep South, but in very different ways that surprisingly compliment one another. While the music works beautifully within the film, Mud‘s soundtrack also stands well outside of it with catchy songs from Ben Nichols you could imagine playing on any radio down South, giving the film a subconscious sense of authenticity.

Where can you hear it? Mud is still playing in select theaters and will be available on DVD on 8/6. You can currently purchase the soundtrack through iTunes or Amazon.

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Mud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Opening – David Wingo and Lucero
02. Where’d He Go – David Wingo
03. Leaving Island – David Wingo
04. Take You Away – Lucero
05. Sleeping In Trees – David Wingo
06. Juniper – David Wingo
07. Alice Wading – Dirty Three
08. Back To The Island – David Wingo
09. Tom Blankenship – David Wingo
10. This Night – Dirty Three
11. Davy Brown – Ben Nichols
12. Carver – David Wingo
13. Everything You Need – Lucero
14. The Kid – Ben Nichols
15. King – David Wingo
16. Stealing Motor – David Wingo
17. Hotel – David Wingo
18. Looking for Juniper – David Wingo
19. Leaving Bar – David Wingo
20. Lost Love – David Wingo
21. Something Else On His Mind – David Wingo
22. One Last Letter – David Wingo
23. May Pearl – Jeff McIlwain
24. Snakebite – Lucero
25. Clinic- David Wingo
26. Mud and Juniper – David Wingo
27. Aftermath – David Wingo
28. In Fall – Dirty Three
29. Ending – Lucero and David Wingo

Mud comes out on Blu-ray and DVD August 6th

ONLY GOD FORGIVES Opens Today : Revisit the classic DRIVE Soundtrack!

Today is the opening of Only God Forgives, the first new film from Nicolas Winding Refn since his game changer Drive.  Like Drive, it stars Ryan Gosling and the music is composed by Cliff Martinez.  Download that classic soundtrack here:


Fathers Day Soundtrack : The Tree Of Life by Alexandre Desplat

In celebration of Fathers Day we offer The Tree Of Life.

Album Available at iTunes :
The Tree Of Life, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Alexandre Desplat

David Ng from the Los Angeles Times writes,

In each of his five feature films to date, Malick has used classical music as his principal soundtrack. “The Tree of Life” features selections and snippets from more than 30 individual pieces — including works by Brahms, Mahler, Bach, Górecki and Holst. They are all woven together seamlessly with the help of some original music by Alexandre Desplat.

A movie that envelops the intimate story of a family between the birth and death of the universe, “The Tree of Life” is a cosmic experience that resists easy narrative summary. The film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May but has polarized critics and audiences. At its core, the movie focuses on the conflict between the natural and the spiritual worlds, which is to say that it pits the seen versus the unseen.

Malick’s choices of music stand in for the unseen in this thematic equation, though not always in obvious ways. The media-shy filmmaker is said to be a classical-music buff, along with being a birdwatcher and a hiking enthusiast. His soundtrack selections for “The Tree of Life” could spawn a lengthy essay on their own. Here are a handful of key pieces that provide the movie with some of its most musically inspired and memorable moments …

Terrence Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’: The classical music factor



MUD Starring Matthew McConaughey In Theaters Now

Phillip French at the Guardian describes MUD as, “Mark Twain meets Sam Peckinpah in Jeff Nichols’s exhilarating coming-of-age movie.” We couldn’t agree more about this indie film gem. The music and soundtrack album are  probably best described by Film School Rejects as follows,

Mud is engaging from beginning to end and when listened to on its own, its soundtrack is almost a sonic dream of that narrative, highlighting the various emotions and changes each character goes through. Mud is certainly not without its unsettling and pulse-pounding moments, which the music strategically amplifies in tracks like “Hotel” and “Clinic,” but overall the soundtrack plays like one you would listen to while spending a lazy day on a porch swing.

Getting ‘Mud’-dy with Moody New Music from David Wingo and Lucero

Mud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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