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LoganBeatuyDeluxeBUY NOW AT  [AMAZON] and [AMOEBA]

* Incredible Score by Academy Award Nominated Composer Marco Beltrami
* Must Have Collectible for Wolverine Fans! 
* Final Wolverine Film of the MARVEL/20th Century Fox X-Men Franchise starring Hugh Jackman 
* Pressed on Heavy Weight 180g Audiophile Black Vinyl 
* Vintage Movie Poster Styled Illustrated Album Cover of “IMAX” Artwork 
* Back Cover Matching Vintage Movie Poster Design of Logan and Laura 
* Interior Black & White Gatefold of Hugh Jackman as Logan 
* Printed Disc Sleeves on Heavy Weight Card Stock Feature Character Portraits of Logan, Laura and Charles Xavier 
* Printed Disc Sleeves on Heavy Weight Card Stock feature Liner Notes by Film Director James Mangold and Composer Marco Beltrami 
* Character Portraits and Black & White Photography by the Film’s Director James Mangold



What’s New on Lakeshore: ‘Master Of None’, ‘I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore’, ‘Logan’ on VOD, David Lynch: The Art Life + More!

We’ve had quite a week of releases, so here’s a handy guide of what’s new and out now on Lakeshore Records!  If you’re after the ultimate playlist of curated music from film and TV show, this is the week to dig in: from curated tunes of Netflix’s hit series, “The Master of None”, to synth-heavy album releases including The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album) EP 1 and Mega Drive’s Seas Of Infinity album, it’s an embarrassment of riches.  Also, we’re proud to present Binary Reptile’s debut score release to the first ever AudiostateTM “ear-movie” experience, the bone-chilling The Narrow Caves, from the creative mind behind Bone Tomahawk, S. Craig Zahler, and of course, vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl.  See below for details.

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‘The Rise of The Synths’ Official Companion Album EP 1 Is Now on All Digital Outlets!

The Rise of The Synths EP 1 - Out May 12 on Lakeshore Records

Each artist has contributed a top-notch song to the project. – Vehlinggo


Synthwave fans who previously enjoyed hearing exclusive previews of tracks by Carpenter Brut and Dance With The Dead already knew they were in for quite a ride on The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album) EP 1.  Previously released on Bandcamp, now the album is available widely via all major digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  Featuring new and original tracks by the legendary Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, OGRE, Lazerhawk, Mega Drive, and Voyag3r — this album was produced in support of the forthcoming documentary, The Rise of The Synths.  Preview, stream and download the album below.  Stay tuned for updates on the release of EP 2!

Soundtrack Available Now: [iTunes][Spotify][Bandcamp]





EXCLUSIVE! Mega Drive: Seas Of Infinity – Hear ‘Godspeed Us To The Stars’ (Album Pre-order) | NewRetroWave

Mega Drive: Seas of Infinity | Lakeshore Records

Gear up, and prepare your ears for some ruthless synth and beats. “Godspeed Us To The Stars” is the quintessential sound we have grown to love from Mega Drive.


Mega Drive’s new album, “Seas of Infinity” is out May 18 exclusively on Bandcamp.  NewRetroWave has the exclusive premiere of the track, “Godspeed Us To The Stars” and you can hear it now here.  Let us know what you think of their new album!

If Mega Drive sounds familiar to you, the Dallas-based band released a new and original track, “Stargate” on The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album) EP 1, which is out on all digital outlets on Friday, May 12.


Junkie XL Signed Vinyl of Distance Between Dreams On Sale Details

On Sunday morning May 7th at 9am Pacific Standard Time Lakeshore Records will make available to the public a limited number of signed vinyl copies of DISTANCE BETWEEN DREAMS by Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg. 


Because these records have been unpacked we are unable to determine which variant you will be shipped as copies of each variant have been signed. The price for the signed copies are $34.98, first come first serve. Available to customers world wide, buyer pays shipping costs. All sales are final, no returns, refunds or exchanges. 

This is not only one of our very favorite Junkie XL records of all time, it is also one of our very favorite synth-score albums of all time. A stunning and beautiful record that has the marks of a classic in the making featuring lush analog synths and wonderful clean ambient guitar textures that pay homage to surf music. Listen at the Spotify embed below.