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Throwback Thursday: A Look At ‘Legion’ Composer Jeff Russo’s ‘Manhattan’ Season 2 Score

Rabid fans of FX’s Legion Series, already know about Jeff Russo’s Pink Floyd-tinged score.  Channeling the feel of the 1960s and ’70s, Jeff knows a thing or two about creating music for a period.  For Throwback Thursday, we time travel back to last year, when we saw the release of Manhattan (Original Score From The Television Series), featuring Jeff Russo and Zoe Keating, who scored Season 2.  While we wait with anticipation for Legion FX Season 2, we can enjoy more of Jeff’s amazing tv series scores!

Soundtrack Available Now: [iTunes]

Liongstate TV presents MANH(A)TTAN, download Season 1 and Season 2 now on iTunes!


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Newtown Soundtrack: Album Features Music by Fil Eisler, Tyler Bates, Jeff Beal, Rob Simonsen and more, Tune In April 3 at 9/8c

Newtown - score by Fil Eisler, Tyler Bates, Jeff Beal, Blake Neely, Rob Simonsen and more

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Newtown, the Independent Lens documentary about the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.  More about the film below.  

The album features score contributions from various composers such as Tyler Bates, Jeff Beal, Fil Eisler, Blake Neely, Rob Simonsen and more!  More album details are coming soon.  Viewers can tune in to the documentary beginning on Monday, April 3 at 9/8c on PBS (check local listings) or stream now via iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play or Vudu.

Independent Lens presents NEWTOWN, airing on your local PBS station beginning April 3 (check local listings).

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Nova Seed: Preview The Soundtrack To Nick DiLiberto’s Hand-Drawn Animated Feature Exclusively on Bandcamp!

It seems almost inconceivable today that an artist would personally hand draw 60,000 images to produce the award-winning Nova Seed animated feature, but Nick DiLiberto has done just that.  And the synth score by Stephen Verrall helps draw you into the fantastical drama of this sci-fi adventure.  Get a taste of this adventure now: preview the Nova Seed soundtrack exclusively on Bandcamp!  Get two instant full-track downloads along with the album preview.  Get updated on the film now at Nova Seed blog.

Nick DiLiberto’s Nova Seed film will be available on digital VOD via VHX.TV and iTunes Movies on March 28!

Nova Seed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Stephen Verrall

01. Into The World
02. Warrior
03. Release The Beast
04. N.A.C. Attack
05. Take Him Down
06. Neo World News
07. Seed
08. Rise
09. Battle Sky
10. Mysterious Powers
11. Searchers
12. Mindskull’s Lair
13. The Toxic Lands
15. Night Strike
16. Nowhere
17. Lead Me
18. Call For Help
19. New World
20. Follow N.A.C.
21. Nova Inside Me


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What’s New On Lakeshore: Blair Witch, Criminal, I.T. + Revisiting Some Of Our 2016 Vinyl Releases

Have you caught up on the latest Lakeshore Records releases?  Here are just a few fresh Digital/VOD picks to get you going on this first week of the New Year: Blair Witch (score by the film’s director, Adam Wingard), Criminal (score by Brian Tyler and featuring the end credits song, “Drift And Fall Again” by Lola Marsh), and I.T. (score by Timothy Williams).  These films are currently featured and trending on their respective streaming platforms, so don’t miss out!  Also, revisit some of our best vinyl releases of 2016.  Read further for more film and score details.

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The Soundtracks Of Nicolas Cage Films


If you haven’t seen a Nicolas Cage film, then we offer you a handy guide to a selection of his films through the years, based on soundtracks released on Lakeshore Records!  See the diverse actor play the action hero, the sensitive but flawed politician, or at his most Nicolas Cage-y best playing a war lord, backed by solid scores produced by the best in the business: Joseph LoDuca, Michael Wandmacher, Mark Isham and more!  Watch the playlists below.

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