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“A Minute To Breathe” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Is the Most Important Song of the Year

a-minute-to-breathe_600‘A Minute To Breathe’: [iTunes] | [Spotify]

“A Minute To Breathe” by Academy Award Winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from the soundtrack album to Before The Flood is the most important song of the year. The song featured in the National Geographic documentary boasts an impressive team of film makers including producers Martin Scorsese, Lenoardo Di Caprio and directed by Fisher Stevens (Academy Award Winner, The Cove).

Exploring the issue of climate change both the film and the song reflect on the current state of our environment and what our options and solutions are to address these conditions.

Watch the video and see the lyrics below:

Song Lyrics:

We wait
We pray
For the rain
For the rain
For the rain
To wash away

We try
To believe
To believe
We can’t believe
In anything

I don’t want to say goodbye
Stars falling from the sky
We will all be judged
By what we leave behind
I don’t want to say goodbye

Too late
To look
You in the eye
In your eyes
In your eyes
And realize

We find
In Time
We’re the same
We’re the same
All to blame

I don’t want to say goodbye
Stars falling from the sky
We will all be judged
By what we leave behind
I don’t want to say goodbye

I just need a minute to breathe
I just need a minute to breathe
I just need a minute to breathe
I just need a minute to breathe

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Before The Flood Airs This Sunday Oct 30th On NatGeo WorldWide! Score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Mogwai, Gustavo Santaolalla


BEFORE THE FLOOD Airs globally in 171 countries & 45 languages on the National Geographic Channel this Sunday Oct 30th.The Soundtrack is an Amazing collaboration with contributions from Trent & Atticus, Mogwai and Gustavo Santaolalla!

Album Available now to purchase or stream.

Featuring the first new song in three years featuring vocals by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on the song “A Minute To Breathe” in collaboration with Atticus Ross.

Learn more about this film at National Geographic: Before The Flood | Nat Geo

‘Bates Motel’ Vinyl: “Insane” Score by Emmy Nominee Chris Bacon From Lakeshore Records and Iam8Bit Pre-Order Available Now!


Bates Motel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Going into its fifth season, Bates Motel is one of the most refreshing and flat-out frightening exercises in horror to ever invade tv. Its unsettling, character-drenched drama is the very definition of the slow burn; burrowing into your consciousness, never letting go.

This very particular brand of subtle (and often murderous) anxiety is brought to life by composer Chris Bacon’s elegant and eerie score which, at its height, is deeply disturbing and at its core, is magically maniacal. No wonder it was nominated for a Emmy in 2016!

iam8bit + Lakeshore Records have partnered with A&E and Universal Television to produce this loaded collector’s edition package, which includes a striking, hand-assembled pop-up gatefold featuring the famous Bates Motel and Psycho house, lovingly designed by the one-and-only Phantom City Creative.

It’s absolutely hypnotizing to watch the shower drain picture discs spin.

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Vinyl Details:
2 X LP Picture Discs
Hand-Assembled POP-UP Gatefold
Illustrated Pullout Poster
Liner Notes on Bate’s Motel Letterhead
Original Music by Chris Bacon
Album Art by Phantom City Creative

Bates Motel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Chris Bacon

01. Bates Motel
02. White Pine Bay
03. Bradley and Norman
04. Greenhouse
05. Motorcycle Ride
06. Scarffed
07. Breakfast and a Polygraph
08. Women Seem To Trust You
09. Treehouse
10. Norma’s Despair
11. Brothers
12. Norma/n
13. Mother Would Like To Talk To You
14. What Really Happened
15. Emma Resigns
16. My Son Isn’t Normal
17. Don’t Make Him Remember These Things
18. Welcome Home, Norman
19. A Frickin’ Warrior
20. Promise You’ll Never Leave Me Alone
21. Till Death Do You Part
22. Mother Knows Best
23. You Think I’m Crazy
24. Look At Me
25. Suitcase In The Attic
26. Goodnight Norma



‘Moonlight’ Vinyl: Release Announced, Score by Nicholas Britell: Pre-Order Now!

moonlughtvinyl1 Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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MOONLIGHT is the breathtaking soundtrack to the film Rolling Stone has called “A Masterpiece”. The album features the critically-acclaimed score by composer Nicholas Britell, as well as choice songs including “Every N****r Is A Star” by Boris Gardner, “Cell Therapy” by Goodie Mob and “Hello Stranger” by Barbra Lewis.

Nicholas Britell is an award-winning composer, pianist, and producer. In 2015, Britell scored Adam McKay’s Oscar-nominated film THE BIG SHORT, and his music also featured prominently in Steve McQueen’s Oscar-winning film 12 YEARS A SLAVE, for which he composed and arranged the on-camera music including the violin performances, spiritual songs, work songs, and dances. As a producer, Britell produced Damien Chazelle’s short film WHIPLASH, and subsequently co-produced the Oscar-nominated feature film WHIPLASH.

Britell’s emotional and evocative score to MOONLIGHT has resonated with audiences from early festival screenings, earning accolades from critics in their reviews of the film which underline how the music is wrapped into the very fabric of the film itself.

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Vinyl Details:
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DESCRIPTION : Single Jacket, Single Disc on Translucent Blue Vinyl with a printed insert featuring album credits and additional art.

Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Nicholas Britell

Side A:

  1. Every N****r Is a Star – Boris Gardiner
  2. Little’s Theme
  3. Ride Home
  4. Vesperae Solennes de Confessore – Laudate Dominum, K. 339 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  5. The Middle of The World
  6. The Spot
  7. Interlude
  8. Chiron’s Theme
  9. MetroRail Closing
  10. Chiron’s Theme Chopped & Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down)
  11. You Don’t Even Know
  12. Don’t Look at Me

Side B:

  1. Cell Therapy – Goodie Mob
  2. Atlanta Ain’t But So Big
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Chef’s Special
  5. Hello Stranger – Barbara Lewis
  6. Black’s Theme
  7. Who Is You?
  8. End Credits Suite
  9. Bonus Track: The Culmination