‘The Rise of The Synths’ Official Companion Album EP 1 Is Now on All Digital Outlets!

The Rise of The Synths EP 1 - Out May 12 on Lakeshore Records

Each artist has contributed a top-notch song to the project. – Vehlinggo


Synthwave fans who previously enjoyed hearing exclusive previews of tracks by Carpenter Brut and Dance With The Dead already knew they were in for quite a ride on The Rise of The Synths (The Official Companion Album) EP 1.  Previously released on Bandcamp, now the album is available widely via all major digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  Featuring new and original tracks by the legendary Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, OGRE, Lazerhawk, Mega Drive, and Voyag3r — this album was produced in support of the forthcoming documentary, The Rise of The Synths.  Preview, stream and download the album below.  Stay tuned for updates on the release of EP 2!

Soundtrack Available Now: [iTunes][Spotify][Bandcamp]





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