EXCLUSIVE! Preview Alex Somer’s Score To Captain Fantastic (Pre-order Now) | The Playlist

Pre-order Captain Fantastic (Music From The Film): [iTunes]

The world of movie scores has never been more fascinating. Once the domain of big name composers, the field has expanded to included musicians and artists whose talents offer more than just traditional classical fare, which makes Alex Somers work on the upcoming “Captain Fantastic” one to keep an eye and ear out for. – The Playlist


Lakehore Records will release Captain Fantastic (Music From The Film) digitally and CD on July 8!  The album features score by Alex Somers, frequent Jónsi and Sigur Rós collaborator.  The Playlist reviews the score and debuts the album preview video, and you can check it now exclusively, here.

Bleecker Street presents CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, in theaters Friday, July 8!




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