‘1979 Revolution: Black Friday’ Video Game Soundtrack Feat. Nima Fakhrara (The Girl In The Photographs) Is Out Now!


‘1979 Revolution: Black Friday’ Soundtrack Is Out Now On Lakeshore Records – Download Here: [iTunes]

1979 Revolution: Black Friday, a game about a photojournalist who finds himself swept up in the historic Islamic revolution of 1979, paints a vivid picture of the potentially devastating effects of warfare… Nima Fakhrara, who used a myriad of authentic Islamic instruments to help cultivate a temporally and culturally accurate atmosphere. – VGMO


Lakeshore Records is very pleased to release 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Original Video Game Soundtrack) — out now digitally!  The album features the film’s original score by Nima Fakhrara (The Girl In The Photographs, The Signal). Preview the album below!

1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY has already been featured in both videogame and mainstream press including NPR, BBC, Washington Post, and Time Magazine.

Ink Stories presents 1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY, currently available via Steam or GOG and coming soon to iOS.


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