‘Fathers & Daughters’ Soundtrack Feat. Paolo Buonvino Out Now, Exclusive Michael Bolton Song Premiere (Billboard), Film Stars Russell Crowe And Amanda Seyfried

Lyrically, the song is expressive of the film’s core themes. [Michael] Bolton said of the film and his contribution, ”I was invited to an early private screening of Fathers & Daughters, and found myself moved to tears. – Full story at Billboard


Lakeshore Records is very pleased to release Fathers & Daughters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), available now!  The album features score by Paolo Buonvino, known for score on Sundance Film Festival® award-winning film, L’Ultimo Bacio, and new songs by GRAMMY® winner Michael Bolton.  You can hear his new song, “Fathers & Daughters” exclusively now at Billboard.  See below for full album details.

FATHERS & DAUGHTERS, starring Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried is coming soon to U.S. theaters.


Download The Album!

Fathers & Daughters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes


Fathers and Daughters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Fathers & Daughters – Michael Bolton
02. (They Long To Be) Close To You – Richard Clayderman feat. Michael Bolton
03. Blackout – Paolo Buonvino
04. Father and Daugther – Paolo Buonvino
05. I Want To Stay With You – Paolo Buonvino
06. Something Changing – Paolo Buonvino
07. Father and Daugther (Version 2) – Paolo Buonvino
08. At School – Paolo Buonvino
09. Jake’s Seizure – Paolo Buonvino
10. The Betrayal – Paolo Buonvino
11. Never Give Up – Paolo Buonvino
12. Another Seizure – Paolo Buonvino
13. From Night To Dawn – Paolo Buonvino
14. Dad Is Back – Paolo Buonvino
15. Goodnight Potato Chip – Paolo Buonvino
16. Nowhere – Paolo Buonvino
17. Goodbye Dad – Paolo Buonvino
18. Writing as a Maniac – Paolo Buonvino
19. Losing It – Paolo Buonvino
20. Father and Daughter (Soft Version) – Paolo Buonvino
21. That’s My Girl – Paolo Buonvino
22. I Want To Stay With You (Version 2) – Paolo Buonvino
23. The Betrayal (Version 2) – Paolo Buonvino
24. Old Memories – Paolo Buonvino
25. Never Give Up (Version 2) – Paolo Buonvino



Preview over a minute of music here:

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  1. Ivo

    First is a great music, real masterpiece.
    Could somebody be so kind and remember me what was the name of the piano piece that is playing in 49 minute of the film.
    Thank you in advance.

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