Regression: Score By Roque Banos Available 10/23, Alejandro Amenabar Film Stars Emma Watson And Ethan Hawke

“This carefully-crafted tale of collective psychosis, satanic ritual abuse and pseudo-science, starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson, is satisfying as a compact… horror-tinged psychological thriller.” – The Hollywood Reporter


Lakeshore Records will release Regression (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on October 23, 2015.  The album features score by Roque Baños  (Evil Dead, Machinist).  Read further for the track listing and more.  Directed by Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, Agora), Regression had the highest opening-weekend gross at the Spanish box office for any homegrown film (The Hollywood Reporter).

Regression is now playing in U.K. and Ireland cinemas (find a theater).

Regression (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Regression (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Roque Baños

01. Opening
02. A Shattered Family
03. John’s Regression
04. Meeting At The Church
05. Angela’s Statement
06. Trouble Sleeping
07. Pittsburgh
08. In Roy’s Bedroom
09. They’ll Kill Me
10. The Black Mass
11. Mom Was Followed
12. This Is All For You
13. Too Many Pieces
14. Night Call
15. A Way To Confuse You
16. Secret Recipe
17. Back To The Tapes
18. This Is Science
19. The Fight
20. Evil Itself
21. It’s My Fault – End Credits

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