‘Mississippi Grind’ In Theaters Now, Blues Music Soundtrack Ryan Reynolds And Ben Mendelsohn’s Road Trip

Who can resist a soundtrack full of well-chosen blues and country-and-western songs, many of which offer further testimony to the place of cards, poker chips, dice and racehorses in our national mythology?  – New York Times


Mississippi Grind Vol 1: Gerry’s Road Mix (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) and Mississippi Grind Vol 2: Curtis’ Road Mix (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) released by Lakeshore Records is a two-volume blues compilation soundtrack featuring esteemed legends of Blues such as Memphis Slim, Furry Lewis and John Lee Hooker.  Each volume is a musical reflections of the state mind of an individual character.  A rare look into the deeper motivations of such complex and vivid men as Gerry (Slow West’s Ben Mendelsohn) and Curtis (Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynolds) each volume is different as are the fates and choices of the gambling men they represent.  Through the songs of Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie and Joe Callicott, amongst others, the actions and choices of Mississippi Grind are illuminated all the more.  Marshall Chapman, who plays Curtis’ mom, contributes the track “Rainbow Road”, while Leo Welch’s original track, “I Don’t Know Her Name” is also featured on the “Curtis’ Road Mix” recording.  Read further for more album details!

A24 & DIRECTV present MISSISSIPPI GRIND in theaters on September 25 (find a theater).


Download The Albums!

Mississippi Grind Vol 1: Gerry’s Road Mix: iTunes
Mississippi Grind Vol 2: Curtis’ Road Mix: iTunes

Two guys on the road, grimy bars flavored by blues and honky-tonk, looking for a connection that’s not in the cards.  – Rolling Stone

This low-budget indie has a unique ambiance and surprising depth, both in the performances of its two leads and the writing/directing team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (“Half Nelson”). – New York Post

Writer-director team Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (It’s Kind of A Funny Story, Half Nelson) must be applauded for refusing to let their shaggy dog tale line up with any predictable storyline. – The Guardian




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