Narcos: Get To Know Brazilian Artist Rodrigo Amarante, Who Performs The Theme Song, ‘Tuyo’

Narcos: A Netflix Original Series, Soundtrack By Pedro Bromfman is out now on Lakeshore Records.  Featured on the soundtrack is the series’  theme song, “Tuyo,” performed by Brazilian music artist Rodrigo Amarante.  Originally from Rio de Janeiro, he is now based on Los Angeles.  “Tuyo” represents Amarante’s first song in Spanish.  Watch him (below) perform selections from his own album last year on NPR Music‘s Tiny Desk Concert show.

Watch all 10 episodes of Narcos: A Netflix Original Series exclusively now on Netflix.



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Narcos: A Netflix Original Series, Soundtrack By Pedro Bromfman: iTunes

Review: “Bromfman certainly knows how to create sweet themes with an emotional hook.” (Soundtrack Geek)


Watch Rodrigo Amarante’s Tiny Desk Concert here:

Watch all 10 episodes of Narcos: A Netflix Original Series exclusively now on Netflix.

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  1. Andrés

    Rodrigo was involved in Natalia Lafourcade’s “Mujer Bonita”, which is a tribute to mexican singer-songwritter, Agustin Lara. He did the song “Azul” with Natalia, it was a feat, so I don’t know if it would be considered as his first song in spanish.

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