No Escape: Score By Marco Beltrami Available 8/21, Owen Wilson Drama Opens In Theaters 8/26

Lakeshore Records will release No Escape (Original Motion Picture Score) digitally on August 21.  The album features original music by Academy Award®-nominated composers Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders.  Starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, Sterling Jerins, Claire Geare and Pierce Brosnan, No Escape opens in theaters on Wednesday, August 26 via The Weinstein Company.  Read further for track listings and more details.

No Escape (Original Motion Picture Score) - Digital Cover

No Escape (Original Motion Picture Score)
Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders

01. The President’s Toast
02. No Escape
03. Little Dreamer
04. Jack Wakes
05. Market Research
06. Coup Coup Roux
07. Jack Be Nimble
08. Where’s Lucy
09. Pool Cue
10. Rooftop Refuge
11. Need a New Roof
12. Roof Toss
13. Map Quest
14. Atavistic Jack
15. The Bike Thief
16. Embassy Issues
17. Annie Surrenders
18. Fighting For Annie
19. Brothel Refuge
20. Under the Stars
21. 007812
22. Shall We Gather At The River
23. Gunshy
24. South of the Border
25. Border Refuge
26. The Story of Lucy
27. Take Care Of You – Jim James


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