One & Two: Nathan Halpern Score Available 8/28, Kiernan Shipka Scifi Drama In Theaters And VOD Now

Composer Nathan Halpern Says ‘One & Two’ Is A Chilling Fairy Tale At Its Core


Lakeshore Records will release One and Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) digitally on August 28.  The album features original score by Nathan Halpern, composer of award-winning films Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present and Rich Hill.  IFC Films presents ONE AND TWO in theaters (find a theater) and On Demand (rent it on iTunes) on August 14, 2015.   Read further for the album track list and more details.

One & Two soundtrack via Lakeshore Records

One and Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Nathan Halpern

01. One and Two
02. The Farm
03. Night Flight
04. The Mother
05. The Well
06. Cicadas
07. The Lake
08. The Woods
09. The Nest
10. One and Two (Reprise)
11. The Wall
12. The River
13. Arrival
14. Escape
15. The Gift
16. Eva Remembers
17. The Father
18. The Grave
19. Over the Wall


Siblings Eva (MAD MEN’S Kiernan Shipka) and Zac (Homeland’s Timothée Chalamet) live cut off from society in a remote farmhouse, their insular world bounded by an enormous wall. But as the pair begins exploring their extraordinary, potentially dangerous supernatural abilities, a mystery arises: is their father trying to keep the world out, or to keep his children in? This stunningly original science-fiction mind-bender is a surprising, thought-provoking look at the bonds that tie families together and the secrets that drive them apart. Twilight’s Elizabeth Reaser co-stars.


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