Pre-order Jerusalem Soundtrack: Score By Grammy Nominee Michael Brook, See The Stunning IMAX/Giant Screen Film In Select Theaters Now

Explore ‘Jerusalem’ Like Nobody Else Has Before In 3D Imax/Giant Screen Format Accompanied By An Inspiring Score


“Of course, what one considers the music of Jerusalem to be is a personal matter, but I feel it mostly in ‘The Western Wall’ and at the beginning of ‘The Second Temple’… Jerusalem is a nice score to listen to from start to end.” –Soundtrack Geek


Lakeshore Records will release Jerusalem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) — available digitally on April 21.  The soundtrack features the score by Golden Globe® and Grammy®-nominated composer Michael Brook (The Fighter, Into The Wild).  National Geographic Entertainment presents a Cosmic Picture and Arcane Pictures Film presents Jerusalem in IMAX theaters now (find a theater).  See below for the pre-order link and more soundtrack details.


Jerusalem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Available 4/21 on iTunes

Pre-order The Album!

Jerusalem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Michael Brook

  1. The Place of Shalem
  2. Center of the World
  3. Aliyah
  4. Center of the World Part 2
  5. Puzzle Pieces
  6. The Foundation Stone
  7. Aliyah Part 2
  8. The Western Wall
  9. The Second Temple
  10. Holy Land
  11. In The Footsteps of Jesus
  12. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  13. Under The Church
  14. The Night Journey
  15. The Dome of the Rock
  16. Finding the Stone
  17. Ancient Rituals
  18. A Shared Heritage
  19. Holy Land Alt (Bonus Track)
  20. Center of the World Alt (Bonus Track)

Jerusalem is directed by Daniel Ferguson and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (Imitation Game, The Fifth Estate).

Official Trailer – Jerusalem: Filmed for IMAX® and Giant Screen Theaters from JerusalemTheMovie

“There was a strong desire on the part of Daniel (Ferguson, director) and producers, for the score to be a balancing act — to both invoke emotion through the score and at the same time, never take sides on anything.  To do that was a unique challenge,” described Michael Brook.  “While I did use traditional strings, percussion and instruments like harp and dulcimer, I did electronically manipulate them so they don’t evoke one particular lineage – they sound like something in between. We wanted to evoke references but never nail them.  We wanted to be more suggestive than prescriptive.”

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National Geographic Entertainment presents a Cosmic Picture and Arcane Pictures Film presents Jerusalem in IMAX theaters now (find a theater).

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