Nacho Libre Soundtrack On Custom Vinyl: An Illustrated Tour Of Five Concept Sketches By Artist Sachin Teng

Are you excited about the new Nacho Libre soundtrack coming soon on custom vinyl?  It is available now on pre-order!  To whet your appetite for some Nacho Libre goodness, our artist Sachin Teng provided a fun tour of concept sketches for the album cover.   “I tried to go in as many different directions as possible…”

Nacho Libre stars Jack Black, who also stars in the upcoming The D Train (read our post about The D Train soundtrack).


Pre-order The Vinyl!

Nacho Libre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

View the slideshow to see Sachin’s explanations for each sketch! (Tip: click on each image to read the description.)

Nacho Libre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is also available now on iTunes.  Read our previous post about this exciting new vinyl release!


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