The Cobbler: Score By John Debney And Nick Urata Available On Pre-order, Adam Sandler Film Opens On 3/13!

John Debney And Nick Urata’s Score For Adam Sandler Film ‘The Cobbler’ Is Available On Pre-order


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to The Cobbler, featuring the score by Academy Award nominee John Debney and Nick Urata of the internationally-acclaimed band, DeVotchKa.  Directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler is a new comedy opening in theaters on March 13 and stars an incredible ensemble cast: Adam Sandler, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Ellen Barkin, Melonie Diaz, Dan Stevens and Steve Buscemi.  Pre-order the album now and be amongst the first to receive the soundtrack when it becomes available.  More soundtrack details are forthcoming!

Pre-order The Album!

The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) -

The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. The Cobbler Main Title – John Debney
02. Lone Figures Meeting – John Debney
03. Fifty Large – John Debney
04. New Customer – John Debney
05. Magical Stitcher – John Debney
06. Home To Ma’s House – John Debney
07. Need Repairman – John Debney
08. Becoming Ludlow – John Debney
09. Test Drive – Nick Urata
10. Ma’s Wish – Nick Urata
11. Visiting The Crime Scene – John Debney
12. Bar Pick Up To Mom’s – John Debney
13. Showering With Kara – John Debney
14. Pop’s Soles – Nick Urata
15. Prepping For Dinner – John Debney
16. Date Night Reunion – John Debney
17. Date Night Dinner – John Debney
18. Ma Passes – Nick Urata
19. Becoming A Badass – John Debney
20. Ludlow’s Closet – John Debney
21. Ludlow vs. Ludlow – John Debney
22. Gotta Pee – John Debney
23. Stiletto To The Throat – John Debney
24. Max Goes To The Police – John Debney
25. What The Crap! – John Debney
26. Marsha Returns Money – John Debney
27. Old Man Albert – John Debney
28. Getting Involved – John Debney
29. Soloman’s Shoes Deal – John Debney
30. Mixed Bag Of Shoes – John Debney
31. New York – Nick Urata
32. Carmen Asks Max Out – Nick Urata
33. Also A Cobbler – Nick Urata
34. Cobbler Medley – John Debney
35. Step Into My Shoes – Arlan Feile

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Directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler opens in theaters on March 13.


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