Debug: Score By Timothy Williams Available Now On Pre-order, Scifi Film Starring Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen And Adrian Holmes Releases In The US Later This Year

‘Debug’ Score By Timothy Williams Available On February 24, Scifi Fantasy To Release In The US Later This Year, Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen, Adrian Holmes And Adam Butcher Stars


Lakeshore Records will release Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring the score by Timothy Williams (Walking With The Enemy, Red Sky).  The soundtrack will be available digitally on February 24 on iTunes.  Set on a ship in outerspace, a group of hackers are tasked to work on a the derelict ship.  When Timothy Williams was tasked to work on the score for Debug, Director David Hewlett gave him free reign to do a bit of musical hacking himself.  “Debug is a sci-fi horror set on a prison ship in space,” said Williams.  “I knew that the score was going to be primarily electronic, but I loved the idea of using an orchestra for its organic quality, and then mutilating the pristine recordings, through reversing, pitch shifting, filtering, unusual delays and falling reverbs.”  The Debug soundtrack is available now on pre-order.  Preview the tracks on iTunes!

Pre-order The Album!

Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Timothy Williams - Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundrack)

Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Timothy Williams

01. Main Title / Ship Landing
02. The Amphitrite
03. Pulling Wings Off a Fly
04. Hack Into The Network
05. Eight ID’s Instead of Seven
06. Level 1 Sweep
07. Power Up
08. Message Home
09. Claws of Glass
10. Bytes
11. Kaida Steps Up
12. Heart of Wires
13. Not Getting Out
14. Chamber Attack
15. Kaida’s Last Mission
16. First Process Destroyed
17. Last Stand
18. Floating
19. Final Hope
20. Rebirth
21. End Credit

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More about Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Directed by David Hewlett, Debug is available now on DVD in the UK (rent it on iTunes).  Stay tuned for more updates!

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