Enter The Dangerous Mind: Score Features ‘Aggressive Sound Design’ (TwitchFilm), Film Opens February 6, Soundtrack Out On February 10

Directors Youssef Delara and Victor Teran define the psychological horror largely through an aggressive sound design reflecting Jim’s deteriorating state of mind, coupled with imagery that continually goes askew. It sets the nerves on edge, creating an uneasy, unsettling atmosphere of dread. The actors are up to the task of carving out characters that stand apart from the background noise. –TwitchFilm.com


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Enter The Dangerous Mind, starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Thomas Dekker, Jason Priestley, Scott Bakula and Gina Rodriguez.  The album — available on February 10 — features the score by Reza Safinia, who previously collaborated with Director Yousself Delara on Filly Brown.  LA Weekly asks “why no one thought of this sooner: a psychological thriller about a killer dubstep DJ.”  The day has arrived.  Enter The Dangerous Mind opens in theaters (check show times) and on VOD (watch it on iTunes) on February 6!  Go to Enter The Dangerous Mind on Facebook for updates on theater locations.

Enter The Dangerous Mind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Music by Reza Safinia

Enter The Dangerous Mind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Reza Safinia

  1. The Dangerous Mind
  2. Broken Soul
  3. In My Head
  4. Light It Up
  5. Close Shave
  6. Windy
  7. Screwdriver
  8. Annoying Neighbor
  9. Pump Up The Bass
  10. Flirting
  11. Delusions of Brother
  12. Carotid Pulse
  13. Delusions of Ghosts
  14. Delusions Stirring Trouble
  15. Out of Control
  16. Doctor
  17. Home Alone
  18. Waiting Room
  19. Someone Following Me
  20. On The Verge
  21. Preparing The Kill
  22. Kill Time
  23. A Very Tragic Situation
  24. The Twist In The Tale


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Enter The Dangerous Mind opens in theaters (check show times) and is available On Demand on February 6 (order HD movie).

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