Lakeshore Records Endless Summer MixTape Cassette Giveaway! Awesome Songs From Amazing Albums!

Lakeshore’s Summer Cassette Sampler Features Tracks From Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, The D Train, The Age Of Adaline, Laggies, Rudderless, Little Miss Sunshine, Song One, Mama’s Boy, Pineapple Express And Syfy’s Defiance TV Series


The summer doesn’t have to end when you’ve got songs from amazing albums playing on repeat!  Lakeshore Records made a summer audio cassette sampler featuring popular singles from soundtrack albums over the years.  Want to snag yourself a copy for your listening pleasure?  No problem.  Everyday during the month of August, Lakeshore Records will be giving away one limited edition audio cassette sampler to a Facebook Fan!  You won’t find this epic compilation anywhere else.  Read further for the track listing and giveaway details!

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NBC ‘Hannibal’ Finale Airs, Where To Watch All Seasons + Own Brian Reitzell’s Acclaimed Score

In its third season, NBC’s acclaimed Hannibal series finale (score by Brian Reitzell) will air tonight.  Released by Lakeshore Records, you can now preview and download Brian Reitzell’s incredible score from Season 1 and Season 2 of Hannibal on iTunes.  Brian Reitzell’s critically-acclaimed score has been described by critic Matt Zoller-Seitz as “the greatest TV scoring job since Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks.”  Read further for soundtrack details and a sneak preview of tonight’s episode.

The season finale of NBC’s acclaimed series, Hannibal, airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Hannibal (Original Television Soundtrack)
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Pedro Pascal Stars In ‘Narcos’ Drama | Variety

Functioning as a history lesson as well as a compelling drama, “Narcos” has a “Goodfellas” vibe, inasmuch as it offers a heavily narrated, first-person account of the rise of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and the DEA’s attempts to thwart him. Detailing cocaine’s rise as a Colombian cash crop and its rapid spread into the U.S. in the late 1980s, the sparely told project weaves together a taut, gripping narrative, in stark contrast with the flatness of its characters and color scheme. –Variety


Watch all 10 episodes of Narcos: A Netflix Original Series now on Netflix.  The soundtrack is out now on Lakeshore Records, featuring score by Pedro Bromfman (Robocop, Elite Squad), and the main theme song, “Tuyo” by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Amarante.  Read further for more details.


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Cartel Land’s H. Scott Salinas Releases ‘Zipper’ Score, Film Stars Patrick Wilson

Lakeshore Records is very pleased to release H. Scott Salinas‘ score to Zipper, the new film starring Patrick Wilson (Prometheus), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Dianna Agron (Burlesque), Richard Dreyfuss (W.), Ray Winstone (Noah), and Penelope Mitchell (Netflix’s Hemlock Grove).  H. Scott Salinas is a long-time collaborator with Mora Stephens, who directed the film.  Alchemy presents ZIPPER premiering in theaters (find a theater) and VOD (rent it on iTunes) on August 28.  Read further for full album details.


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One And Two: Score By Nathan Halpern Out Now, Film Stars Kiernan Shipka And Timothee Chalamet

My emotions trust this sound and are attracted by the chimes and subtle inflexions of a score like “One and two”. I don’t miss noise and explosive cues; I don’t miss action pieces. I like it here, immersed in this musical mist that makes me feel like I am somewhere out of time…” –Soundtrack Dreams

“Thanks to the warm and smooth cinematography of Autumn Durald and the haunting music of Nathan Halpern, “One & Two” is able to establish the proper tone and feel needed to carry a daring and fantastical film like this one.” –


Lakeshore Records is very pleased to release One & Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), available now digitally.  The CD will be released later this year.  The album features original score by Nathan Halpern, composer of award-winning films Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present and Rich Hill.  IFC Films presents One & Two in theaters (find a theater) and On Demand (rent it on iTunes) now.  Read further for full soundtrack details.

One & Two soundtrack via Lakeshore Records

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Daughter Shot-Put Highlights Jim James Music Video For ‘No Escape’ (Rolling Stone), Deluxe Edition Available 9/25

As the song picks up, Wilson’s character hurls his daughter off the roof of a crumbling building as Bell catches her unscathed in the already infamous “daughter shot-put” scene. The family’s harrowing journey to the American embassy is marred by gunfire, rain and fear, making it a surreal match with James’ mellow, melodic song.  –Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone has featured the new music video for “Take Care Of You,” a track by Jim James from No Escape (Original Motion Picture Score), out now digitally on Lakeshore Records.  Watch the video now and read the full story at Rolling Stone!  A deluxe edition of No Escape (Original Motion Picture Score) featuring score by Academy Award®-nominated composers Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders, with the track, “Take Care Of You” by Jim James of the Grammy®-nominated band My Morning Jacket, will be released on September 25 with the CD later this year.  Read further for more album details.

The Weinstein Company presents NO ESCAPE in theaters now (find a theater).


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